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Ode to Starlight, the Eternal Dancer⤴


Starlight by Andrew DeVries
Starlight by Andrew DeVries flickr photo by Dogtrax shared under a Creative Commons (BY-SA) license

Today’s Daily Create asks us to write a poem or piece of prose about this image and also what she is dancing to if we like. This statue reminded me of a statue of Shiva that lives in a local museum, so I asked ChatGPT to “please write me a classic ode about the goddess starlight dancing to overcome the ignorance of humanity” and this is the result.

O Starlight, celestial maiden of the night,
Infinite grace in your shimmering flight,
Amidst the vast expanse of cosmic sea,
You twirl and whirl in purest majesty.

You dance upon the velvet canvas high,
A symphony of radiance across the sky,
A goddess fair, in darkness you’re arrayed,
To banish ignorance with your soft cascade.

Infinite orbs, your dance partners above,
Their stories whispered in the language of love,
You pirouette through the void, undeterred,
To teach us secrets by which we’re stirred.

As humans stumble in the depths of night,
You lead the way with your gentle light,
Revealing the mysteries of the distant spheres,
Quenching our thirst for knowledge and noxious fears.

Ignorance trembles in your presence, dear Star,
As you waltz and shimmer from afar,
Each twinkle, each glimmer, a beacon of hope,
In your dance, we find a boundless scope.

Eons may pass, yet you remain the same,
A constant guide in this endless cosmic game,
In your brilliance, humanity finds its chance,
To learn, to grow, to overcome ignorance’s trance.

So, Goddess Starlight, we hail your grace,
Your timeless dance in the boundless space,
For in your radiant glow, we find the way,
To seek the truth, and let ignorance sway.

Dance on, O Starlight, in your timeless grace,
With every twirl, we’ll find our place,
To conquer ignorance with knowledge’s might,
Guided by your ever-beckoning light.

Ode to the Moon⤴


By ChatGPT #tdc4292 #ds106 #WriteOut 

Full moon
Full moon” flickr photo by NomadWarMachine shared under a Creative Commons (BY-NC-SA) license

Ode to the Moon, celestial queen of night,

In your gentle glow, we find pure delight.

With silvery beams that softly grace the skies,

You reign in splendor, a sight to mesmerize.

Your tranquil face, so serene and bright,

Illuminates the darkest hours of night.

A guardian of dreams, you watch from above,

Filling the world with your radiant love.

In your silken orbit, you gracefully glide,

A constant companion on this celestial ride.

Waxing and waning, a cycle so grand,

You’ve been a guide since time first began.

Mysterious, remote, and full of grace,

You’ve held secrets of the cosmos in your embrace.

From poets to lovers, all hearts you inspire,

As you light up the heavens, a celestial fire.

The tides, they dance to your lunar call,

A force of nature, affecting one and all.

You hold the ocean’s pulse in your sway,

A reminder of nature’s power each day.

Moon, we revere you with profound respect,

For your beauty and wisdom, we reflect.

In your tranquil presence, we find our peace,

As you traverse the night’s endless fleece.

Ode to the Moon, with humble admiration,

We honor your enduring fascination.

In the starry tapestry of the endless night,

You shine as a beacon, a source of pure light.

Past me⤴


Thank You

Sitting, pen in hand, with blank paper in front of me, I chastise my past self.
I shout at her for being lazy, for not writing more, so that I would need to write less.
But my past self was not ready to write: she didn’t know what I know now.
Her thoughts had not crystallised, she had not read what I had read.
I need to stop blaming past-me for what she did not do
And start thanking her for what she did.

Thank You” flickr photo by Orin Zebest shared under a Creative Commons (BY) license