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Ode to the Moon⤴


By ChatGPT #tdc4292 #ds106 #WriteOut 

Full moon
Full moon” flickr photo by NomadWarMachine shared under a Creative Commons (BY-NC-SA) license

Ode to the Moon, celestial queen of night,

In your gentle glow, we find pure delight.

With silvery beams that softly grace the skies,

You reign in splendor, a sight to mesmerize.

Your tranquil face, so serene and bright,

Illuminates the darkest hours of night.

A guardian of dreams, you watch from above,

Filling the world with your radiant love.

In your silken orbit, you gracefully glide,

A constant companion on this celestial ride.

Waxing and waning, a cycle so grand,

You’ve been a guide since time first began.

Mysterious, remote, and full of grace,

You’ve held secrets of the cosmos in your embrace.

From poets to lovers, all hearts you inspire,

As you light up the heavens, a celestial fire.

The tides, they dance to your lunar call,

A force of nature, affecting one and all.

You hold the ocean’s pulse in your sway,

A reminder of nature’s power each day.

Moon, we revere you with profound respect,

For your beauty and wisdom, we reflect.

In your tranquil presence, we find our peace,

As you traverse the night’s endless fleece.

Ode to the Moon, with humble admiration,

We honor your enduring fascination.

In the starry tapestry of the endless night,

You shine as a beacon, a source of pure light.