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Listened to Radio #EDUtalk 5-12-12: Dylan Wiliam⤴

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Listened Radio #EDUtalk 5-12-12: Dylan Wiliam by David Noble from edutalk.info
Dylan Wiliam, Emeritus Professor at the Institute of Education: Assessment for Learning in the Classroom, and From Teachers to Schools: Scaling Up Professional Development for Formative Assessment. Dylan Wiliam (@dylanwiliam) on Twitter Welcome to…

I was thinking of Dylan Williams the other day and remembered David Noble, my partner in Edutalk partner had interviewed him back in 2012. This was the second round of AIFL in Scotland.

I gave it a listen on the way to work this morning. It is a great interview. Dylan is very positive about teaching, makes some great points and David asks great questions. I think it is still relevant 11 years later!

Well, I think that Scotland did a very good job of kicking off this process right at the end of the 1990s, the early 2000s.
So I think that the original focus was very welcome, the idea of assessment is for learning. I think people got slightly seduced by the tips and techniques rather than thinking about this as being a vehicle for teacher learning. So I think it got rather, and this may be inevitable for any innovation, it got rather packaged as being a thing that schools could do. And many schools think they’ve done assessment is for learning, and so they’re moving on to the next thing.

“inevitable for any innovation” – My emphasis.


After listening to this I though I might like to grab some quotes so remembered I’d downloaded the free app Aiko, which is an AI-powered audio transcription, and ran the audio through it. After a hiccup when the app though the language was Welsh it seemed to do a great job. I’ve added it to the original post. David & I alway regretted not being able to provide accessible transcriptions of our broadcasts/podcasts. I am wondering about picking out some other episodes to transcribe. The audio is not attributed to the two different speakers, but I think it is easy enough to understand.

Radio Edutalk

Radio Edutalk is a project I am extremely please to have been part of. We were a bit ahead of the podcast curve, but it gave me an amazing opportunity to talk to all sort of amazing educators. It ran from 2009 till 2019 starting as an open to any contributor, mobile podcast and developing to include regular internet radio broadcasts which were archived as podcasts. About EDUtalk has a bit more information.

Loose Learners ep 2⤴

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Radio #EDUtalk 05-04-2017 Loose Learners Ep 2


This is the second episode of Mariana and my monthly podcast. We are still settling into a new format, possible going to change the title and certainly still tweaking the format.

The Show Notes that Mariana put together are just great, worth reading even if you are podphobic.

Open Mic on Radio #Edutalk⤴

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Art Institute of Chicago

I’ve just had my first broadcast of the new session on Radio Edutalk.

Radio EDUtalk 14-09-2016 Nicholas McMahon Philosophy with Children in the Primary Classroom I really enjoyed it.

Unfortunately I’ve got no more shows lined up at the moment. I’m waiting for a few replied, but the Wednesday schedule is empty. Some of this is down to my lack of organisation some to other things on the go and some my change in circumstances.

If you are interested in talking about any aspect of Education on a Wednesday evening (8pm UK time)please let me know.

The featured image on this post is Open Mic Night at the Sarcophogous | Art Institute of Chicag…r shared by my pal Alan on Flickr using a Creative Commons — Attribution 2.0 Generic — CC BY 2.0 license.