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A Haiku for ETMooc2⤴


Writers block
Writers block” flickr photo by NomadWarMachine shared under a Creative Commons (BY-NC-SA) license

Sitting on a Sunday afternoon, wondering what to do that is vaguely ETMooc2 related, I open up Chat GPT and ask it to write me a haiku about writer’s block. Then, inspired by Kevin’s blog post, I put the haiku into NightCafe and ask it to generate four images for me. I jump over to PowerPoint to add the words to the images, and upload the result to Flickr.

Then I opened up AI Test kitchen and put the prompt into that to generate some music, upload that to SoundCloud, grab the url and embed it here. All this only takes a few minutes, though I stopped to make a cuppa along the way.

I’m enjoying these experiments with ChatGPT – the difficult thing is to work out a good prompt for the AI to respond to.

McLuhan’s Tetrad⤴


I’m keeping half an eye on #ETMooc2 at the moment, and one of this week’s suggested activities caught my interest.

Activity #1 – Marshall McLuhan Tetrad of Effects for Generative AI: What are the opportunities and challenges presented by the evolution of technologies in the digital age?
View the following video (3:45) for an example of McLuhan’s Tetrad OR search for other examples.
Brainstorm changes that are already occurring or will occur with the use of generative AI in your context. Add ideas to each of the following four quadrants: enhance, obsolete, retrieve, reverse.

Google Doc

I wondered how this might apply to my favourite non-MOOC activity, the Daily Create.

McLuhan's Tetrad
McLuhan’s Tetrad” flickr photo by NomadWarMachine shared under a Creative Commons (BY-NC-SA) license

The Daily Create amplifies creativity, by encouraging DS106ers to create something every day. It makes copying obsolete, as the ethos is remix, not plagiarism. It retrieves inspiration, with a new prompt every day. There are no unexpected dissatisfactions, just a warning that #DS106 is #4Life

Postcards as an antidote to AI⤴


Postcard Prep
Postcard Prep” flickr photo by NomadWarMachine shared under a Creative Commons (BY-NC-SA) license

It’s been far too long since I got out my supplies and decided on a theme for a round of postcards, but this week we’ve set things in motion. Inspired by a MOOC type thing that some of us are dabbling in, we’ve embarked on a new round of postcard sending.

Join us, if you like.