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A 5-point plan for teacher #wellbeing by @TeacherToolkit⤴


Here is my 5-point plan for improving teacher wellbeing across England. “No business organisation with a 40% attrition rate would last long in any sector.” Context: Staff wellbeing is not a peripheral issue. ‘Indeed, it should be a moral imperative for all senior leadership teams and their governing bodies.’ In June 2014, I visited Education … Continue reading

Education Panorama (July ’14) by @TeacherToolkit⤴


I’ve decided to bring my monthly newsletter back ‘in-house’ after three months flirting with Tiny Newsletter. It has taken me several months to curate the title for my newsletter. Er, well no. actually, I tell a lie; less than a minute to coin the title, The Educational Panorama, which aims to capture a summary of … Okumaya devam et

#CreativeTheory in pictures by @TeacherToolkit⤴


This is what @TeacherToolkit has been up to over the past week and why I continue to support three very important issues in education. During the academic year, especially during the summer term, teachers are released from some of their timetabled teaching commitments and as a result, I am now able to gain some benefit … Okumaya devam et