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The Wind. A Song by ChatGPT⤴


Windy” flickr photo by NomadWarMachine shared under a Creative Commons (BY-NC-SA) license

Today’s Daily Create asks:

What does the wind say to you today? Does it whisper softly in your ear, or shout right into your face? Write a song about the wind. Bonus points for singing it to us.

I turned to ChatGPT and asked it to:

write a song with 4 verses and a chorus on the subject of the wind. In the first verse the wind whispers, in the second verse it shouts. Here

(Verse 1)
In the quiet of the morning, when the world’s asleep,
The wind begins to whisper, secrets that it keeps.
It rustles through the leaves, a gentle, soothing sound,
A lullaby of nature, as it dances all around.

Oh, the wind, it’s a storyteller, in its own sweet way,
Whispering through the treetops, at the break of day.
With a melody of secrets, in every gentle hush,
The wind, it sings of love, in a soft and tender rush.

(Verse 2)
But as the day unfolds, the wind gains strength and might,
It howls like a wolf, in the moon’s silver light.
Shouting through the canyons, a voice both wild and free,
A force of nature’s power, for all the world to see.

Oh, the wind, it’s a storyteller, in its own fierce way,
Shouting through the mountains, as night turns into day.
With a thunderous declaration, in every roaring gust,
The wind, it cries of freedom, in a tempest’s fiery trust.

(Verse 3)
It can carry dreams on its back, to places far and wide,
Lifting hopes and wishes, on an endless, swirling ride.
Or it can bring a storm, with its rage and its disdain,
A reminder of the forces that nature can’t restrain.

Oh, the wind, it’s a storyteller, in its own special way,
Carrying our desires, as it sweeps us far astray.
With a fickle disposition, in every twist and turn,
The wind, it weaves our tales, as the seasons change and churn.

(Verse 4)
In the end, the wind’s a friend, though it may seem aloof,
It whispers, it shouts, it’s gentle, it’s uncouth.
A reminder of the mysteries of nature’s grand design,
In every twist and turn, the wind tells stories so divine.

Oh, the wind, it’s a storyteller, in its own mystic way,
Guiding us through life’s journey, as we go day by day.
With a timeless wisdom, in every breath it sends,
The wind, it tells our story, in a love that never ends.

Then I searched around for a text to song app and found VoiceMod. Here’s what it produced from the first verse of the song.