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When is the point catastrophes can be avoided?⤴

from @ Ewan McIntosh | Digital Media & Education


One simple delay doesn't a catastrophe make. But when work elsewhere affects your team's workflow, unknown to you, and new technologies don't quite fit within the system, you can very quickly pay the price. 

The trainspotter in me enjoyed reading John Bull's dissection of the Christmas travel woes incurred as a result of otherwise 'normal' festive engineering works. For those outside the UK and insulated from this local news, thousands of trains and tens of thousands of passengers experienced horrendous delays and cancellations at one of London's key railway stations as a result of engineering works running over.

Bull's post outlines a series of poor management and leadership decisions, mostly based on the challenge of predicting likely scenarios in the hours and days ahead. Leaders in every walk of life face similar prediction challenges.

But as I read this I wondered where my own red flag would have appeared. What about you?

Much of these issues are related to the "second horizon" of implementing a great idea. The toolsets and skillsets that help implement ideas quickly, such as the 'pre-mortem' to test for potential failure points, are detailed in my book: How To Come Up With Great Ideas And Actually Make Them Happen.

What goes on behind a headteacher’s closed door? by @JillBerry102⤴


This post answers the 35th question from my TeacherToolkit Thinking page of Thunks. Thunk 35: What goes on behind a headteacher’s closed door? by former headteacher, @JillBerry102 What goes on behind a headteacher’s closed door? We use the phrase ‘open door policy’ fairly glibly these days. Many school leaders want to be visible, approachable, accessible, … Continue reading