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Inspiring Digital Enterprise Award – iDEA⤴

from @ Digital Learning & Teaching in Falkirk

The Inspiring Digital Enterprise Award, known as iDEA, is an award programme which provides access to a range of free on-demand online courses. In completing courses from the wide range available they not only aim to support developing digital, enterprise and employability skills, the completion of the assessments built into each course provide the means …

iDea 1: Addendum – Quizlet Diagrams⤴

from @ EdCompBlog

What I did on my snow day
Thanks to some unexpected snow days here in Scotland, a planned Quizlet session in the school had to be cancelled. (You can read my thoughts on Quizlet elsewhere: iDea - Quizlet.)

Since we were unable to meet, I recorded a short video on Quizlet Diagrams. I show a few examples:

I also give a give a quick demonstration of how pupils can use diagrams and then a longer demonstration of how to create a Quizlet diagram.

Quizlet was a really useful tool even before diagram support was added. The addition of diagrams brings a whole new dimension of usefulness!

Useful? Interesting? Let me know what you think.

iDea – Quizlet⤴

from @ EdCompBlog

This is the first of a semi-regular series which will outline suggested apps/tools/technology that could help enhance learning and teaching.


Quizlet icon
After the exams last year, I asked the pupils if they used technology to help them study. Quizlet was one of the most commonly mentioned tools. At one level, Quizlet is an electronic version of good old fashioned flashcards (see Wikipedia for description of flashcards) which can be useful when trying to memorise terms and definitions. Since Quizlet is computer based, it has the potential to be much more powerful than paper based flashcards. In particular, the ability to share sets as well as being able to borrow and adapt sets that others have created could be a significant time saver.

There are two things I particularly like about Quizlet. I like the potential for collaborative work. Pupils can create and share sets; they can work together on Quizlet Live and teachers can build on and work with other educators. I also like the diagrams feature; not something I've used with a class yet, but it looks particularly promising (examples on the Learning In Hand page cover Spanish, French, Geography...).

If you are unfamiliar with Quizlet, the website gives a quick introduction in the form of a Teacher FAQ. There are a set of useful links at the bottom of this post but for visual learners, here are a couple of videos:

1) Brief look at the iPad app - focus is on how pupils could use it to help them learn terms.

2) Brief look at the website - focus is on using classes to share cards with pupils including a quick look at diagrams.

If you are unfamiliar with Quizlet, here is a slideshow that takes you through the basics:

Quizlet - other links: