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The “Yes, And” rule can help you fulfill your leadership potential!⤴

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When setbacks send you plummeting back to Earth from the stratosphere of your dreams, leaving you staggering through the debris of your once hopeful rise to leadership, you may be thinking that your opportunities are over.  But if a glimmer of hope still burns inside of you, how do you re-gain control and get yourself back on […]

The darker side of perfectionism⤴

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If you are a woman and a perfectionist you may get referred to as being, “highly-strung”, “difficult to work with”, “inflexible” and that is without adding in all of the expletives.  But you know as well as I, because I’m waving the flag that I am somewhat of a perfectionist when it comes to teaching, […]

Next Generation Virtual Learning Environments⤴

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Has your Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) become a dumping ground of resources that learners rarely access?   Has the framework of your VLE changed as frequently as its provider’s expiring contract that engagement from staff has plummeted?  What is the point of them anyway? Their purpose is to allow teachers to share educational materials with […]

PedaWooWoo – professional development⤴

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Pedagooers, here’s a spicy little mix of podcast workshops bursting with tried and tested pedagogical concepts that will add value to your professional toolkit this year! Unlocking creativity in the classroom   I NEED THIS In this podcast workshop you’ll learn: The problems associated with creating activities that challenge learners to think creatively Ideas on […]

Developing Digital Skills in our Classrooms MOOC starting on the 14th September [#eSkillscourse]⤴

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Join me on this exciting European Schoolnet Academy Course covering the hugely important topic of developing digital skills in our classrooms. Digital skills are already an essential requirement for young people to succeed in an increasingly digitized society. Not only are these skills demanded for an increasing number of jobs, they also are a requirement and a right of citizens, if they are to be functional in today’s society. 

EUN Academy BadgeSchools and teachers need support to work with their students to develop a wide range of digital skills that ensure young people leaving school have the skills required by the labour market and by an increasingly digitized society. 

The course aims to guide teachers in how to develop a range of digital skills and to introduce them to the tools and resources that are available to them. At the end of the course, teachers should be able to design lessons that focus on a range of digital skills, make use of innovative tools to assist their own and the students’ work in this area. 


The course is organized around thematic areas of digital skills that are relevant at all levels of primary and secondary schooling. In 6 modules it explores the definition and role of digital skills generally and then looks at specific skill areas and how to address them in the classroom. The focus of these modules is on how pedagogically the skill area can be addressed and what tools there are available to help the teachers and students.

At the end of the course participants are required to prepare a final lesson project which can be submitted as part of the eSkills for Jobs Awards competition. The course is part of the eSkills 4 Jobs campaign by the European Commission where you can also find additional resources about the topic.

Enroll now and help us spread the news by tweeting #eSkillscourse and joining our Facebook group here.

The course starts on 14th September and runs for 7 weeks.

Shocking CPD⤴

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Two and a half hours of death by PowerPoint and where the only engagement with a hall of teachers were mini exercises, that if you had pre-read the course material you would have found all of the answers. I’ve been subjected to some pretty poor CPD events, and it makes me angry! Our profession works […]

Peer-to-peer ‘fear or hear’? by @TeacherToolkit⤴


I attended my first ever school TeachMeet last year and during and after the event, the experience posed many, many questions to me as a school CPD leader. “critical peer reviews [academic papers] clearly cross the line between a vigorous critique and an unprofessional attack.” Context: My definition of a ‘school TeachMeet’ is this: A … Continue reading