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applications of satellites⤴

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By now you should have watched the video about satellites.  This screenshot showing a satellite passing over the Highlands was taken from about 17 minutes into the programme – did you notice at the time?               It was quite eye-opening to see just how much modern society relies on ... Read more applications of satellites

re-entering the atmosphere⤴

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In space there is no air resistance to oppose motion, so the Space Shuttle orbiter could travel at very high speeds, up to 17,000 mph!  At these speeds, the orbiter experienced enormous air resistance as it descended into the Earth’s atmosphere at the end of its mission. Air resistance is just like any other form ... Read more re-entering the atmosphere

Newton’s third law of motion⤴

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Today we examined the importance of Newton’s 3rd law of motion. In our discussions, different explanations for the motion of jets and rockets were proposed and considered. The front runners were; at launch, the ground pushes back against a rocket during flight, air pushes back against a plane Unfortunately, the lack of ground and air (or ... Read more