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Getting it right: The value of observations by @TeacherToolkit (Part 2/2)⤴


In April 2014, I raised “The importance of observations and ‘Getting It Right’ (Part 1)” and highlighted the open versus closed process of “Stepping away from observational judgements and how you can evidence this. This would typically be summarised in the following diagram shown below. The closed process is much easier to discuss. We are … Continue reading

A culture of lesson observations by @adam_snell⤴


Almost three months have now passed since Ofsted announced the ground-breaking news, that inspectors would no longer be grading individual lessons. Except that it wasn’t that ground-breaking. Apparently this had been their instructions since 2009. Who knew? Yet despite this, it is “still possible for inspectors to record a graded evaluation, where sufficient evidence has … Continue reading