Ross High S5 Careers Talk June 2014

Hello S5.

Welcome to your careers talk and to day we are going to start developing your Career Managaement Skills and in particular start looking at yourself and your strengths. The following presentation outlines the main points and we will go over these now.

LMI Presentation Ross HS timed

Now we are moving on to a personality test callled Buzz so please follow this presentation.

S5 Induction – Ross 2014

Make a note of your animal because you will be need the information later.

Now it’s time to do some work!

Make sure you are registered at MWOW

Pathways to the Professions provides advice and guidance to local state school students interested in applying for Medicine, Law, Veterinary Medicine or Architecture and you can find out more here

Newsletter Complete S5 Ross High 2014

Direction is important!

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