Who Moved the Submarine?

We spent a lovely few hours exploring the historic city of Cartagena today. Many of the narrow streets are paved with marble and the remains of ancient Roman artefacts tell of another era.  The view from the Castle de la Concepcion was stunning across the city.  We were left puzzled, though.  The tourist blurb boasts the first electric submarine on display at the entrance to the port.  We walked back and forth but couldn’t find it.  

Once back at the ship we sat on our balcony able to access some free wifi.  On searching for pictures we found a host of images of the Peral submarine.  Eventually we managed to work out where it should have been.  Through the long lens on my camera we managed to find the place.  The small pond is still there.  The mounts in the middle of the pond are still there but no submarine.  There was no explanation as to where it has gone.  No mention of it having been moved on the web search either.  Perhaps someone has borrowed it and everyone is too polite to mention it.  
Despite the missing submarine we had a good day.  Off to Barcellona tomorrow.