Tuesday at the Border

The Thai Burma border on PhotoPeach

We walked from Hle Bee to the market to take a bus/songthaw to the River Moei at the border with Burma, by the Friendship Bridge to Myawaddy. The bus doesn’t go until it is full – can you imagine that in Port Seton? So a long wait in the very, very hot sun. 12 on the bus and I think it’s full – NO, the conductor manages to fit another 12 in, sitting at our feet on wee stools he whips out from under the seats and 6 hanging off a rail at the end. Scary stuff. It only costs 20 bahts (40p) and 8 minutes to get to the border, where we see a mobile ATM, so strange!

There is much less police activity and much less begging at the walkway by the river. A lot of traffic is travelling to and from Burma over the official Friendship Bridge which costs £12 (500 bahts). Most people though are travelling on the boats which is very cheap … and also illegal but overlooked by the authority usually.

A wee touch of shopping in the Market, a nice cool bottle of coke and back into the bus/songthaw home. This time only about 20 people travel, which is just as well as the toddler on his mum’s knee vomited in the middle of the bus! Great trip, great to chill with our friend Bobo.