Tuesday 17th September

It is Tuesday morning and our second day at sea.  Douglas Adams reminds me that “time is an illusion”.  This would appear to be the case this morning.  The clocks have changed. As we travel south round Spain we move forward an hour. I don’t have a watch at the moment.  As a result I am depending on my iPhone and iPad which don’t know the clocks have changed.  They are usually very good at sorting these things out for themselves.  They do need an Internet connection, however, and they are not getting one of those for a while. Data charges in Europe are expensive but not half as bad as they are at sea. They are staying firmly offline as a consequence. 

Time is a bit of an illusion. Although we have very little control over its passing we have plenty of control over what we do with it.  It often takes us time away from the usual day to day activities for us to step back and reflect on what we do with our time.  In my case far too much of it is spent on things that don’t matter.  Some people talk of giving “quality time” to their kids or friends. I don’t like the expression at all.  I know what they are trying to say.  It is too easy to be distracted and not give proper attention.  Identifying priorities and giving time to them is important.  

I have worked out how to change the settings so it is now 8:30 rather than 7:30.  When can we go for breakfast?