Time to Rest

It is Saturday evening.  We have checked in to a Premier Inn just outside Southampton. Today has been a day of travelling having driven south from Glasgow. Breakfast at Tebay followed by coffee at the services on the M6 toll road broke the journey into slightly smaller chunks.  Eight hours driving to the south coast was OK despite the tail gating and silly speeds on stretches of the road.

Tomorrow we head to Ocean Terminal in Southampton and board Ventura for a fourteen night cruise round the Western Mediterranean.  This should be a complete change with no more working for a week or two (to quote Cliff).   The last few months have been hard going and now it is time for a rest.  Before we left Glasgow a friend reminded me of the importance of sabbath rest.  When we are in the thick of things it can be very easy to forget about our need to rest.  Switching off in a world of Blackberries, instant messaging and being constantly available is not easy.  
Once the ship heads out to sea we will be going off line for a while.  Data charges off shore are quite prohibitive,  We may reappear if we find wifi in port somewhere.  There is a real sense of going off line when a ship leaves port.  The physical separation of putting water between ourselves and home helps to reinforce emotional and spiritual separation.
Work will still be there when we get back.  A time of rest should help to reinvigorate us ready for whatever challenges await on our return. We will talk soon.  For just now we are busy with other things.