They might be in the shed

An apologetic knock on our front door

Revealed the lady – shorn of her man

Left alone with a broken wheel

So we called the garage but no one came


I drove her back to the farm

Empty now save house and barn

But empty all the same

Bereft of manhood


I think I saw him ‘round a corner

Just a glimpse, but he was too quick for me

I know she saw him too

“Perhaps they’re in Jimmy’s shed”


“I’ve no been in there since Jimmy….. “

She faded away

She left me to myself

Waiting between the doorjamb


The lights flickered into dullness

And there – squatting in the middle of the floor

Sat his vibrant red tractor

Almost warm to the touch


His tools lay on the bench

Just where he’d left them

Ready for his return any day now

I was intruding on private ground


This was not my space, and

Closing the door behind me I thought

I heard him call her name,

I know she heard it too