The Gentle Sound of the Sea

It is Thursday morning at around 7am.  We are heading towards Cartagena in Spain.  The ship should dock in about an hours time.  As expected I am awake and sitting on the balcony in the dark.  I am too excited to sleep any later.  This is our first port of call on this trip and after three days at sea I am ready to see what dry land feels like again.  

In the distance I can see the lights of the town.  The only sound I can hear is that of the sea as it is pushed aside by the huge bulk of the ship.  There is also a gentle purr of the engines but it is so distant as to go unnoticed.  Since the choppy seas of the Bay of Biscay it has been very calm.  As we passed through the straits of Gibraltar yesterday afternoon and entered the Mediterranean it became even calmer.  There is a very gentle warm breeze and the sea is flat calm.
I shall sit a while longer and watch as we come in to port before we to exploring.