Stay Hungry; Stay Foolish

Today is a sad day for the modern world. Today the leader of modern technology passed away. America is proclaiming that Steve Jobs will go down in history with Einstein and Edison; I hope so.

Steve Jobs’ commencement address at Standford Graduation in 2005 was pivotal to his career and securing his place in the heart of millions. It is also, I believe, hugely representative of the state of today’s education and the fight for personalised learning. He talks about dropping out of college because the classes didn’t interest him, and then as a dropout attending classes of interest that he was in no way tied to. He went along to classes that intrigued him despite there being no end reward. He wanted to learn and he didn’t care about the resulting diploma. He had a hunger for knowledge; he knew what he loved and he sought it out. The result: Apple as we know it today. The truth is the impact of Steve Jobs’ life and work in this world will probably never be known. Who needs a diploma right?!

The point of this post is that Steve Jobs changed the world with no qualifications. Assessment is not the be all and end all. Standardised testing has been the centre of mass debate in recent years and I think that Steve Jobs’ legacy is an enough said end to the debate.
#ThankYouSteve  #StayHungryStayFoolish