Shock Floods close CDC School!

If you’ve followed my blog of my trip to CDC School and Mae Sot this July, you will be as horrified as I am to see these photos. On Monday 29 July, the rainy season led to Mae Sot being flooded. The local Mae Tao Clinic that Maya Allen raised funds for was completely flooded and patients had to be quickly evacuated. Our Burmese and Karen friends are inspirational in their ability to find solutions to the most tragic of circumstances and made the decision to close CDC School to students and to move Mae Tao Clinic patients to CDC School. We can’t begin to imagine that happening in our schools can we?

Here you can see a classroom turned into a ward.  On the wall in the blue frame is the teatowel my school, Prestonpans Infants, gave to Say Hai, CDC Headteacher when she visited East Lothian.  I stood in this room a few weeks ago and gave the children letters from Campie pupils and helped children write letters back to Campie.

This wee baby had just been born in CDC kitchen which is now turned into a labour ward. Would we be so cheerful if we were in this family’s situation?

The corridor outside the classrooms is a place for patients to rest from their ordeal, as it continues to rain outside.

CDC boarding students, who have no permanent home themselves, help the relief effort.

Rice is stored in the assembly hall, which you can see just a few posts below.  It’s where CDC held an assembly to celebrate their link with Campie and to give me presents to take back to Campie and to my own school.  This rice enables 300 – 400 people to have 2 meals of rice a day.

If you can give a little to help Mae Tao Clinic recover their buildings and their medical supplies, you can donate on It’s so so sad for people who face unimaginable daily hardship on daily basis anyway.