return true

trueMy last blog was on the 21st of May, 2008!

I’ve decided to come back into the online world and see if I can’t use the combined amazingness of the educational online community to help me out. I thought it might be interesting, first, to explain a bit about where I’ve been.

I’ve been teaching. And even though I’ve not been reading or writing blogs, I think I’ve got better at it. I’ve spent the last two years mainly working on developing materials to give pupils what they need: ways to check what they know, content to help them find answers, different forms of assessment, both computer and paper based, and built in self-assessment. Simple stuff that I was doing in a more haphazard fashion before I redesigned our resources.

It’s taken lots of work, and even though the new material aren’t amazingly exciting or interactive, I’m proud of them, because I think they help pupils understand and get good results.

But they aren’t radical.

What I’ve missed by opting out of what’s been going on outside my classroom is the sense that there are always new things developing, and that they are possible to grasp as an individual, innovative, empowered teacher. In the school I’m working on eight committees, run some clubs, and get involved as often as possible in the schools life. But I feel that I could do something different, outside of those responsibilities.

Teachers are currently wrapped up in the transition to CfE and some are still wrapped up in the transition to AiFL. It may seem terribly uninspired to claim that they have too much to worry about to look beyond the pile of documents to read, the pile of marking or the pile of forms from management. But sometimes, like me, the box is too full of stuff to do to think outside of it.

But I feel guilty that I’ve not tried harder, that it is something I should act on, in parallel with taking on the transition to new qualifications and ways of working. In an authority which has a lockdown on social media, and streaming video, and has still not implemented Glow, it’s more important than ever to organise myself to read the feed, and get involved. I want to take what I now feel I am doing well, and find out how other people are making that experience more exciting.

In the coming days I’ll be writing about what I do with school audio/video broadcasting, computer games and anything else that comes to mind. If you read anything I had to say before, I thank you, and hope you’ll subscribe to this blog too.

Oh, and if this is the only post up on the 16th of February, 2012, call for my resignation.