Outdoor Learning Cuts

Juliet Robertson has flagged up on facebook a BBC report on closure of an LA Outdoor Centre in Wales

Since being involved in Outdoor Learning (approx 1994) I have seen this type of announcement fairly regularly, “centre to close” “centre under threat” regularly regardless of austerity measures or banking crisis.

With a huge amount of research & focus groups promoting outdoor education and all its benefits, politicians waxing about how great it is, new initiatives in teaching and learning to promote, but I don’t often hear the antithesis of closure. When it comes to spending choices outdoor education is of course a “soft target” and when targeted often regretted in later years for amongst other reasons resulting in reduced opportunities for those who can’t afford.
I’m really looking forward to seeing a good news outdoor centre story e.g. “LA Outdoor Centre Opens”, “Outdoor Centre to expand”, and “More Investment in Outdoor Education Centre”.

End of rant.
Can anyone post an example of this about an LA (public sector) OE centre– Come on cheer us all up!