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Josef Fuchs teaches PE at St Ninian’s High School in East Renfrewshire. He was keen to learn how Glow could be used to support the activities pupils take part in in PE. After some exploration of the possibilities, he hit upon the idea of using a Custom List to record pupils’ fitness test results.


The PE Department in St Ninan’s has had a Glow Group for some time, but Josef was looking for new ways to use Glow to support the work of the Department and to benefit the pupils.

RunnerHe wanted pupils to be able to record the results from their fitness tests and update them after a period of time to track progress. He also wanted staff to be able to analyse the results by looking at, for example, all the results for one class or one pupil, or all the results for one particular fitness test.

He learned that a Custom List enables all of this and so began creating two – one for S1 and one for S2.

A custom list is a bit like a spreadsheet, and allows data to be entered, sorted and filtered. Unlike many other web parts, the custom list is not merely added to a page from the web parts gallery, it must first be created. This allows the person creating the custom list to choose the content, such as the data required and how it is presented to those adding an entry to the list.

In addition, it is possible to set up the custom list so that each user can only see their own entries, but that those with Administrator rights on the Glow Group where the list resides, can see all entries and so analyse them.

Josef chose to set up his custom lists so that each pupil can see only their own entries, but staff can see them all. 

Let’s look at the St Ninian’s PE Dept Glow Group and then specifically at the Custom list being used to record fitness test performance in the following video clip:

Tour of the St Ninian’s PE Glow Group and Fitness Test Custom List (7:07)
On your marks, get set, Glow!


Custom list

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Josef needed a Glow Group to house the custom list, and decided to make use of the existing PE Glow Group (‘Physical Education Pupil Section’) which staff and all pupils already had access to. He needed to check the permissions for the Glow Group members to ensure that pupils could add content to the custom list. He also wanted to ensure that the Glow Group membership permissions were set in such a way that would allow staff to see all entries but for each pupil to only see their own. He therefore gave Contributor permissions to pupils and Administrator rights to staff. Josef then created his custom list and added it to the Glow Group. In the next section, learn how to do this.




The following videos show how to replicate the custom list that Josef Fuchs created in St Ninian’s.

How to create a custom list (16:34)
On your marks, get set, Glow!
Editing the columns in a custom list (2:36)
On your marks, get set, Glow!
How to set user permissions on a custom list (4:56)
On your marks, get set, Glow!
Teacher use of the custom list: Filtering (3:23)
On your marks, get set, Glow!


Josef, the other PE staff and of course the pupils, enjoy many benefits by using the Custon List in the PE Glow Group. Josef says:

“The main benefit is that pupils and staff can both access the Group at any point.  If the same information is written in booklets only pupils or staff would be able to do this at any one time.  Pupils can misplace booklets meaning that all their data is lost and them being unable to record their achievements. It also reduces the amount of paper being used and removes the need for staff to store paper booklets. Filling in booklets in all PE settings e.g. oustide, is problematic, so doing this digitally makes the experience much more positive and relevant to the pupils.” 

The way that the Custom List has been set up means that pupils can easily see their results over a period of time since they record scores at the start of a period of work and again at the end. Josef comments on this:

Pupils can see their impovement between the start and end of the block. They can be motivated to improve their score between the 1st and 2nd time they complete each test and more between S1 and S2 for example.”

The list also aids staff, enabling them to easily look at all the results for one pupil, one class or one fitness test, by using the filter functionality. This enables staff to give specific feedback and advice to pupils to aid their improvement. Josef adds:

Staff can sort the data easily to see who has got the best score, made the biggest improvement etc.”

Pupil Thoughts:
The pupils also have thoughts on the benefits of using Glow to record their fitness test scores. Hear what some of them have to say in the following video:

On your marks, get set, Glow!

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