North Berwick S5 Careers Talk June 2013

Hello everyone and welcome to your S5 careers talk.
Today you will complete an online career package called Pathfinder and a Personality Test called The Buzz.
Both of these will help you to focus on your future so follow the instructions and fill in the form at the end and this will help develop your action plan for S5.

Career Management Skills

First up it’s Pathfinder so sign up here using the code you will be given in class. Use your full name and class as your user name and you can change your password after you have registered. You will be asked to list your top 3 jobs later so make a note of them.

Next task is to complete the Buzz Personality test here and you will be asked for animal later so make a note of it now. Make sure you look at the strengths, learning style and looking in a positive direction parts of the printout you will given at the talk.

Anyone intersted in studying Law, Architecture, Medicine or Vet Medicine should visit Pathways to the Professions here

Make sure you are registered at My World of Work here

You need to complete the survey below and please take your time, check your spelling and remember, ‘I’ not ‘i’ for the rest of your life!