New Teaching Resources For Business Studies

Keen2learn now features a range of educational games and teaching resources for business studies. The new range of business conversation cards from Fink cards, initially designed for the business community, is ideal for A level students in business studies. Developed by specialists to engender team conversation and discussion the 48-card set gives some hints, tips and advice on a variety of team practices.

Students who ultimately enter employment in business, retail and commerce will enter a team environment that may not be ideal, or suffer a feeling of being overwhelmed. The Fink business studies conversation cards provide the grounding to ensure they thrive in the new environment.

Team building, effective appraisal management and the recognition of diversity and inclusion has a greater role in the modern office where the advent of computerised systems, social networks, flexible working has impacted on the conventional team format. This places an ever-increasing need to refine the role of the team and the benefits of effective team development.

The new educational conversation cards cover specific themes such as diversity and inclusion, teambuilding, and 360° appraisal techniques. There are eight sets in the program so far but the range is bound to be enlarged as the practical and fun application of the technique catches on.