New Learning Journeys

So the personal learning journey continues. I’m returning to my Outdoor Education Teacher post with the Outdoor Learning Team at ELC  at the end of March after 2 years secondment in a Senior Development Officer role. It’s been an amazing  journey and there has been, I believe much, success. It’s been fantastic to use experiential learning to support strategic outcomes for ELC.

The use of fun, memorable, transferable, safe, challenging, activity to promote learning in leadership has been a recognisable shift in development style for the organisation. External evaluations and awards have highlighted some of the success. I appreciate some of the personal shifts for individuals are perhaps less tangible (and don’t often appear to link with ROI) but are from feedback (formal, informal, incidental) extremely powerful.

Other efforts in OD promoting the use of coaching and the shift from a training approach to a consultative approach are also paying dividends in supporting the organisations approach to employee engagement, enablement and development.

It’s been amazing to work with so many fantastic people too within the HR arena, I think I have managed to co-design, support, teamwork, and deliver with almost every member of the OD team and also one or two from the wider HR team. It’s been hugely rewarding also to work closely with Corporate Resources, Children’s Services, Education and other departments.

As the organisation faces difficult choices, austerity measures and perhaps radical paradigm shifts in how we look at delivering and enhancing services, employees are asked to input, create and work in different ways. My only hope is that the experiential, consultative approach continues to blossom  and that OD with challenged resources can continue to support (these shifts) and make a difference in these opportunistic and challenging times.

Thank you to everyone in HR for their support during this amazing opportunity. Also to Andy for amazing work at Outdoor Learning in my absence and best wishes to him for his continuing learning journey.

It will be a challenge but I ‘ll do my best to fill Andy’s boots!

I’m not quite away yet so much to be done –  but new (and old) challenges and opportunities to deliver await! And perhaps finally I’ll pursue the Chartered Teacher route?