Micheal Gove Believes State Schools Can Match Independent Sector

One of the greatest concerns to any parent is the need to provide the very best education for their children. This can prove to be a nightmare involving gaining admission to an ideal school and an educational programme provided by the best teachers. Unfortunately this can prove to be a tortuous path and many parents feel they have failed their children.

The schooling journey from the start of primary to GCSE at secondary school lasts 15 years. This places children vulnerably to a multitude of educational initiatives introduced by the government and Department for Education. History has shown most initiatives will fail, to be replaced by another. Not only is this a huge waste of government funds there is a much bigger hidden cost. Teachers, beset with the need to hit OFSTED standards become fixated with the need to hit targets. This will also include the recent move to introduce tests for four years olds. Ostensibly to assess ability the test automatically measures the start point of a child’s educational journey and therefore the level of improvement made by the next test. Could this then be reformatted as another target?

In the midst of the target furore children suffer a depleted education programme whilst teachers meddle in the need to adopt new educational initiatives and hit targets. In all probability their efforts will be reversed in six months through the next initiative. Michael Gove recently insisted state schools could perform at the same level as Independent schools. The huge misfit in this claim is that Independent schools do not suffer the same interruptions from short-term educational initiatives as their state school equivalents. Independent get on with the job of teaching and recruit and retain the best teachers, those that don’t fail and disappear.