Learning Rainbows

I enjoyed a training opportunity last week at the Scottish Government which looked at facilitation skills for stakeholder engagement.  Enjoyed the opportunity (to be on the receiving end of  learning) for a personal experiential learning opportunity which allowed for feedback in an almost co-coaching format.

Fun to look at facilitation scenarios and techniques that can deal with and enhance engagement during training, development and conferences.

There was a reference to the Facilitraining Rainbow (Townsend & Donovan )  that can enable you to decide on the most suitable approach for your facilitation sessions. This innovative decision-making model is simple and I have found it handy as a jump-start when sketching out design. I enjoy the references to “Socratic direction & questioning”and “facipulation” .

Facipulate – to facilitate and manipulate concurrently in order to ensure the facilitator’s agenda is achieved by the end of a meeting or session. 

e.g. The Board Chair facipulated the meeting by asking loaded questions that reflected her position on the issue being discussed. Therefore, no one voiced his or her contrary opinion on the issue and, instead, decided to support the Chair’s position as it seemed the politically wise thing to do.

(The Urban Dictionary.com)

Are you a facipulator? or worse, a manipulative facipulator?

Do I have a hidden  agenda  for even asking this question?