Educational Secretary To Tackle Truancy

The current scheme to control and reduce truancy for school is not working. With over the number of children avoiding class clearly there is scope for improvement. Education Secretary Michael Gove revealed that there are over one million children who missed more than 10 per cent of lessons in school each week.

The government are also drawing a connection with the level of truancy, the subsequent loss in education and its effects in the recent riots. The education secretary explained his thinking in a recent speech when Mr Gove said: “We still, every year allow thousands more children to join an educational underclass – they are the lost souls our school system has failed. It is from that underclass that gangs draw their recruits, young offenders’ institutions find their inmates and prisons replenish their cells.”

Our teaching support would need a huge boost in resources to counteract the problem, which is not going to be possible within the current financial constraints in educational budgets. The root cause and effect of a child’s drift to truancy has to be thoroughly understood by the government. There are many with specialist knowledge that must be consulted before any initiative is taken. We cannot afford to let the matter drift on any longer. It not affects the lives of those “lost souls” involved in absconding from school but also the children who suffered the consequences of the associated disruption in class. It is symptomatic of a festering sore in our education system that has defeated numerous educational secretaries. Maybe the cabinet should look to solving the issues in our own society a little than our overseas excursions. more