Distributed Leadership

Haven’t update for a while so thought I’d add some thought and observations to the blog.

Since returning from Aberdeen last weekend I’ve not had much time to continue with any course work but I am planning to put this Saturday aside to address that and bring myself up to date with reading and contribution to the WebCT online discussion forum. Our use of the online forum is recorded and the university look to make sure you have made sufficient use of the facility and have contributed to the course. It also helps to develop out online learning community.

I also thought I’d mention some other areas of leadership I am involved with in school. I am a class teacher but have distributed leadership repsonsibility for leading a school improvement working group. My group has been tasked with looking at literacy and how we take this forward with Curriculum for Excellence (CfE). From August until now we have been designing and creating a forward planner. This has taken a lot longer than I anticipated with lots of goin back to the drawing board and redrafting of our planner. I am quite confident we have now reached a stage where the plan can be trialled before the new school year and the start of CfE in August.

I also continue to be a member and facilitator of a Teacher Learning Community looking at embedding the use of Assessment Is for Learning techniques to increase pupil attainment. Being a facilitator has also meant drawing on leadership experience and what I have been learning from my studies as well as my participation in my authority’s leadership training.

I plan to use the blog more often as a learning journal and must get into the habit of adding to it more often and more regularly as an evaluation of what I am doing and learning about leadership in an educational context.