Day 79 of 365

Day 79 of 365 by Gordon McKinlay
Day 79 of 365, a photo by Gordon McKinlay on Flickr.

“Leadership, like life, is a lifelong process of refinement”,

It has been a real privilege to spend time with the team at our leadership retreat at the Columba 1400 centre at Ardoch close to Loch Lomond.

The quote at the start of this post was a very clear focus of our time together. Norman Drummond very skilfully took us on a journey as a team that allowed us to reflect on our approach and practice as a team. The chance to step back and reflect is a really important one.

I am hugely grateful for the time we have taken and the opportunity that lies ahead. As I filter and reflect on what we have learned I have no doubt that some of it will come out here.

A photo a day for 2014