Day 36 of 365

Day 36 of 365 by Gordon McKinlay
Day 36 of 365, a photo by Gordon McKinlay on Flickr.

Creativity is important. The world wouldn’t just be a duller place. We would starve our minds and imaginations without the food to keep them active and engaged. However we learn and whatever context it takes place we need to allow the creative side out whenever we can. Spreadsheets and reports are important but they are not the be all of our growing and being.

Today marks the 10% point of my photo a day challenge for 2014. I love taking the chance to try taking different types of photographs. When I got home this evening there was a small parcel waiting for me. It was my new Lensbaby fisheye optic. The Lensbaby optic swap system is a wonderfully creative way of taking control of the camera and trying something very different. The fisheye optic is the latest addition to my lensbaby collection. This gives me a whole new area of learning over the coming weeks and months.

Here’s to creativity in learning.