Class Dojo – putting the emphasis on positive behaviour

Class Dojo calls itself “Real-time Behaviour Management Software” and that’s pretty much what it is. In short it is a free online tool which allows the class teacher to manage and record behaviour and provide instant feedback to the class. Class Dojo encourages learners to take responsibility for their own behaviour, and puts the focus on positive instead of negative behaviour.

I first set up Class Dojo about 4 months ago and it has quickly become one of my favourite and most used classroom resources. Classes can be set up in under a minute – just copy and paste an electronic list of pupil names and you are good to go. Class Dojo produces an avatar for each pupil, and Dojo points can be awarded for positive (or negative) behaviour by clicking the avatar and deciding on the criteria for the award.


Once we were up and running I was impressed by the positive reaction from my classes. They are always looking to do positive things in class to gain a Dojo point, whether that is helping me, helping their peers, producing good work or just behaving in a positive manner. I have found that Class Dojo firmly shifts the emphasis and ethos from negative to positive behaviour.

Below are a list of some of the ways in which I use Class Dojo:


Reward good work and positive behaviour regularly

One of the areas where Class Dojo wins over other positive behaviour programs such as stamps or stickers is that it can be acessed quickly. I often keep the Dojo window up on my IWB throughout the lesson and the key to its success is the regular award of Dojo points for good work and positive behaviour.


Reward pupils remotely

Class Dojo has a mobile site (with an app currently in production) and so by using a smart phone I can award Dojo points while moving around my classroom. These still register in real time on the IWB (which pupils love to see).


Award whole class points

When a class is working well, or has worked well, I award all who are present a Dojo point. The simple interface makes it easy to select the entire class and/or individual pupils.


Double Dojo Friday

This is a concept one of my classes came up with where Dojo points are doubled on a Friday.


Pupils give themselves Dojos

Keeping Class Dojo up on the IWB makes it possible for pupils to award themselves and others Dojo points.  For example, at the start of the lesson, pupils note the learning intentions in their jotter and then come out to the IWB and award themselves a positive Dojo point. Alternatively, if a pupil feels that one of their peers has really helped them in class, they can come out and award their peer a Dojo point.


At the end of each term I give the pupils in each class with the most Dojo points a small prize and send home a positive award postcard. All class Dojo points are then reset ready for the next term.