CDC teachers love Emotional Intelligence training

At 2am on Monday morning I finished preparations for training CDC teachers in Emotional Literacy. I was unusually worried about the course I devised to deliver. ‘Will they understand? It’s pretty active, will they join in or sit quiet like they usually do? What if the promised data projector is there? What if they can’t see the video clips because the room is too light or there are no PC speakers?’ I even dreamt the pstart of the presentation needed changed and got up at 6am to change it. I am never like this when I give a talk but these 20 teachers were being taken out of school ALL DAY and that is a high cost to the pupils, who likely only had a teacher for a small time that day so it HAD TO BE GOOD.

AFter some stern talking to myself to get a grip and some deep breathing, I set off at 7.30am on my own, cycling with my heavy laptop/raincoat/sunhat/water etc – everything I needed for a long day away to CDC. I had a very wee breakfast at CDC (those who have been here know why the breakfast is just wee!).

And in the end, I just had a PERFECT DAY! The teachers know me quite well now, they were relaxed and so much more engaged than when I trained them last year. I had learned from my mistakes and they grasped the concepts of Brain Development, Attachment, Emotional Wellbeing, Circletime and how to teach Emotional Literacy.

A definition of Emotional Intelligence is that you can understand and manage your emotions without having them overwhelm you. I used my own example of being overwhelmed with anxiety about teaching them to explain that as adults we can handle emotions when they overwhelm us, but children with insecure attachments struggle to do that without our help. They understood that but were astounded that I was nervous of them!

And they LOVED Circletime. I forgot how much Burmese and Karen people love to giggle and have a good laugh! We started with pass the smile, which was a hoot but when we did ‘pass the wink’, they went into hysterics. Just magic. Here you can see them hiding their faces and waiting for the instruction on which emotion to express on their faces when they uncovered them.

So actually after my ridiculous worry in the morning, this was the best training session I have ever given in Mae Sot. AFter 7 years, I am getting the hang of it all! Slow learner or what. But really …. just a perfect day… such a joy and privilege for me.

Training CDC Teachers on PhotoPeach

At 4pm I cycled to meet Geoff on the way home and as I left shool full of joy, the heavens opened and I was like a drookit rat! Couldn’t dampen the joy of the day though.