11 Modern Apprenticeships – Scottish Government

Note Closing date of 28 January 2014

Modern Apprenticeship Administrative Officer, Private Offices

Modern Apprenticeship Communications Strategy and Finance Support Assistant

Modern Apprenticeship Correspondence Administrator St Andrews House, Edinburgh

6 x MA Administrative Officers within the Private Offices of the individual Scottish Ministers, working between both St Andrews House or Victoria Quay, Edinburgh

4 x MA Correspondence Administrators, within the Ministerial Correspondence Unit, St Andrews House, Edinburgh

1 x MA Communications Strategy and Finance Support Assistant, St Andrews House, Edinburgh

While this will be targeted mainly at the Edinburgh teams, other areas can also be notified if working with young people who are willing to travel.

Please can you alert the relevant teams to this vacancy and ask that they encourage eligible young people to apply (16-24, unemployed, who are capable of completing an SVQ Level 2 in one year). Young people contracted to work less than 16 hrs per week are also eligible, as are those currently participating on an Employability Fund programme, at school or college.

Unfortunately the Scottish Government cannot support to SVQ Level 3 young people who have already completed the SVQ Level 2 in Business Administration and they would therefore not be eligible.

Please note the following specific application process for these posts, please submit all of the following to emma.scott@sds.co.uk

· a CV

· a formal Covering Letter (up to one side of A4/one page)

· half a page/side on a time they achieved a personal goal;

· and half a page/side on why they are interested in working in the Scottish Government.

Please note that the closing date for applications is Tuesday 28th January 2014. Can I please ask that all CVs, Covering Letters and additional written information requested are sent electronically to emma.scott@sds.co.uk

These positions have an attractive starting salary of £16,042 and at the end of each job description it outlines specifically the recruitment dates for these positions where young people must be available.

Please encourage young people to clearly state which of the 3 posts they are applying for, i.e. one MA post or all of them.