Mr Fells’ class March 2015

Welcome to the careers session and we will use this post to give you information and resources to help you complete the tasks each week.
First of all.
You must be registered or register for a MWOW account here and remember you will need an email address to do this. Please make a note of your user name and password as you will use this site over the sessions. You can get help on setting up a new MWOW account here

Now you are going to complete My Strengths and this short video explains why this will be useful in your career planning. You can take the test by clicking on the window to the left of this video.

Next up is My DNA which will give you more information about you and your personality here

The Careers A-Z here will help you find information about a whole range of careers.

If you have time register here and try the skills or personal qualities tests.

Try using Wordle to give your results a creative look! You can save your wordle as a png at the bottom right hand side of the wordle screen

1. Your preferred career journey
2. Your back-up career plan
3. Why English will help you at every stage
4. What is important at each stage, qualifications? training? money? promotion etc.

Remember to save your work in your careers folder on the school server.

Email this to me at

Take your time and complete the survey below, with capital letters (if appropriate) and no small ‘i’ if talking about yourself!