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Desktop Wallpaper for September 2014⤴


Desktop Wallpaper for September 2014

Here is my desktop wallpaper for September 2014.  The original shot was taken in Corisa and the image created using fd Flickr Toys.  If you like the image then please feel free to download and use it yourself.

Over the past few years we have started taking our main holiday during this month.  It makes for a long summer but is a wonderful release when it gets here.  During last September we took a 14 night cruise around the Western Mediterranean on the P & O Ventura.  We didn’t really know what to expect when we got to Corsica.  What a beautiful island.  You will find more pictures of Corisca and the rest of the cruise in my cruise Flickr album.

Desktop Wallpaper for July 2014⤴


Here is my desktop wallpaper for July 2014. Please feel free to download and use it if you like it. The original image was taken in July 2013 on the beach at Scoughall in East Lothian. We will be heading back there in a couple of weeks time. This year, for the first time in many years we will not be leading the SU camp there. This time has come to take on a supporting role. We are really looking forward to the new opportunities and challenges this will bring.

A photo a Day – Catching Up⤴


Mosaic for April 2014

Despite evidence to the contrary I am still up to date with the photo a day challenge.  What I have completely failed to keep up to date with is posting each of the photos here.  Part of the problem is that Flickr has broken the link to Blogger.  Seemingly “nobody used it”.  So as the only person who used the feature I have been floundering a little.  Once I get a couple of days behind I tend to forget for another few.  As a result we have a gap covering most of April and a chunk of May.

All the photos are on my Flickr photostream.  THis is where you will find all the rest of the photos from the challenge this year.