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East Ayrshire Council: ‘Learn 4 Work’ Challenge⤴

from @ Education Scotland's Learning Blog

Learn 4 Work is an innovative project in East Ayrshire where pupils come off-timetable for 3 days and work within a challenge group to produce a solution to a real life business challenge. This allows young people in 4th year to experience the world of work whilst in a school setting.

We are looking for a variety of businesses to get involved and commit to setting a business challenge for a group of young people within one of the participating schools. You must be able to launch your challenge on the morning of day one and visit again on the afternoon of day three to hear the group’s response. This is the minimum time required but you are also welcome to offer more input if in a position to do so.

Each challenge group will comprise of approximately 20-30 young people and they will work together over the three days to produce a solution for the challenge set. Your business challenge should be unique to your business but previous examples include: developing a new soft drink, reducing food waste, promoting a newly refurbished hotel, improving customer service experience and creating a recruitment campaign.

Dates for 2018 are as follows:

  • Grange Academy, Kilmarnock- Wednesday 2nd May to Friday 4th May
  • Loudoun Academy, Galston- Wednesday 9th May to Friday 11th May
  • Stewarton Academy- Tuesday 22nd May to Thursday 24th May

To get involved email:  emcclymont@ayrshire-chamber.org

Access last year’s innovative solutions here.

Making Scotland a STEM Nation⤴

from @ Education Scotland's Learning Blog

STEM Education and Training Strategy for Scotland has now been published

A STEM (Sciences Technologies, Engineering and Mathematics) Education and Training Strategy was launched in the Scottish Parliament last week by Ms Shirley-Anne Somerville, Minister for Further Education, Higher Education and Science. The Strategy, together with a STEM Evidence Base Report, is now available to download from: http://www.gov.scot/Publications/2017/10/1386/downloads

A central focus on the strategy is to enable everyone to develop STEM skills for learning, for life and for work. It provides a new emphasis on career pathways within STEM sectors and to grow successful  partnerships between schools and employers through the Developing the Young Workforce Programme.  The strategy also includes a commitment to expand Foundation, Modern and Graduate Apprenticeship Programmes to enable many to pursue jobs and careers in STEM through these pathways. This strong focus on skills and careers will further enhance national efforts to Develop the Young Workforce (DYW) and embed employment and career management skills in the curriculum through the Career Education Standard.

A wide variety and resources including exemplars around DYW and STEM can be accessed on the National Improvement Hub here.


Educating in Entrepreneurship in the Classroom⤴

from @ ICT for Teaching & Learning in Falkirk Primary Schools

In helping in preparing pupils for their future teachers consider what lies ahead, what the skills and experiences their pupils may require for whatever their chosen path in life may be. A facility to make the most of money and having a business acumen may be considered skills worth developing in pupils. Encouraging an entrepreneurial culture and developing skills to support it is often stated as one means of ensuring any society’s economy is secure. So what can teachers do to help nurture entrepreneurship in their pupils?

10 Steps to teaching pupils to become entrepreneurs is a series of 10 statements of the kinds of skills and experiences it may be considered that aspiring entrepreneurs may want to have, and short descriptions of suggested teaching ideas for each one.

Cameron Herold presents a TED talk on his thoughts on why schools should teach pupils about being an entrepreneur. He also suggests ways of teaching to help pupils who may become entrepreneurs to flourish.

Education Scotland’s Entrepreneurial Learning resources support teachers in providing pupils the chance to “experience real business and work-related learning through entrepreneurial enterprise activities where entrepreneurial learning also allows all children and young people to develop a range of skills through ‘hands-on’ participation. These skills are valuable for future employees, employers and entrepreneurs, and link to all subjects right across the curriculum.”

BizKids is a US site supporting teachers teach Business Education, Financial Literacy and Entrepreneurship in the classroom for primary and secondary age pupils. There are videos (including a YouTube channel of episodes featuring children of different ages as entrepreneurs as well as a mix of informational videos about money in everyday life) with associated lesson plans and activity prompt sheets.

Click here to view the introductory video to BizKids: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c4EoU9UZTz0

MyKindaCrowd is an online resource providing the means to connect young people with businesses. It is designed for schools looking to work on problem-solving projects based on the world of work to connect with businesses which would support this. Even if not using the connecting tool the ideas presented could provide the inspiration for a world of work project in-school.

Click here to view the video from MyKindaCrowd: http://www.youtube.com/v/tK5eye8cq2Y

Making Money Matter is a post bringing together a host of resources to support teaching pupils about money in all aspects of life