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the geiger-muller tube⤴

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We’ve examined the operation of a Geiger-Müller counter as part of the radiation topic. image by Theresa Knott The Geiger-Müller (GM) counter is used to detect ionising radiation such as alpha and beta particles or gamma rays.  The radiation enters through a very thin window at one end of the tube.  This window is usually made ... Read morethe geiger-muller tube

x-ray radiation⤴

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X-rays are a form of electromagnetic radiation.  They have a much higher frequency than visible light or ultraviolet.  The diagram below, taken from Wikipedia, shows where x-rays sit in the electromagnetic spectrum. image by Materialscientist Wilhelm Röntgen discovered x-rays and the image below is the first x-ray image ever taken.  It shows Mrs. Röntgen’s hand and wedding ring.  ... Read more

ultraviolet radiation⤴

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Earlier this week, we looked at the electromagnetic spectrum, including ultraviolet radiation. image courtesy of sonrisaelectrica The section of the electromagnetic spectrum with wavelengths ranging from 10nm to 400nm is called ultraviolet radiation (uv for short).  Sunlight contains uv rays and it’s those uv rays that are responsible for the suntan you get during the summer holidays.  This Australian animation shows how the ultraviolet ... Read more