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ClassroomScreen – the free online all-in-one class display tool⤴

from @ ICT for Learning & Teaching in Falkirk Schools

ClassroomScreen.com is a free online tool which brings together a host of useful tools for the classroom into one screen display.

Choose your own background, bring up a timer, set a traffic light for any activity, choose pupils with a random name generator, add text instructions on screen, set visual noise level measure, draw on a whiteboard, have pupils click on the classroom response tool on the screen for any question you ask to display quick feedback. And if teaching another language just a quick flick and the language changes  to suit. So much in one screen, and you can move the tools around, switch them on or off as needed and change the background to suit the activity.

Created by Netherlands teacher Laurens Koppers to meet his own classroom needs for such an all-in-one tool, he has included a Padlet feedback page for teachers to share how they are using the tool and to request features. It is not possible to save your screen but it is designed that it should not take more than 30 seconds to put up the screen, and gives an option to save a list of names to upload speedily any time it’s needed.

Built into Classroomscreen you can access the how-to tips and guide to how different parts work by clicking on the 3-line hamburger icon to the top left. Want to see how to have dual screen? Want to use as an exit poll for your classroom? Want to add an image in the text box? Want to use on an iPad? Just click on that hamburger icon and choose Tips and Tricks. There’s a link to a how-to introductory guide to ClassroomScreen.com in the video below:

Click on this link for the YouTube channel for Classroomscreen.com with a series of videos showing specific aspects of the tool in use.

Val Curtis created a neat visual infographic poster illustrating the different ClassroomScreen.com tools – click on this link to see this poster.

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