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Taking Care of the Soul in the Role – #PedagooHampshire16⤴

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  I was delighted to be offered a chance to speak this coming Saturday 17th September at Pedagoo Hampshire 16 in Alton. This event, which features a day of interactive seminars hosted by individuals across the educational landscape, aims to discuss and tackle key issues in education and create a forum for speakers to share their rich experience […]

Pedagoo Ayrshire September 2015⤴

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The recent Pedagoo event in Ayrshire was the first of it’s kind that I’ve been to, first TeachMeet of any kind. I am currently studying on the PGDE (Primary) at Strathclyde and was directed towards Pedagoo by the lecturing staff, who seem keen to promote collaboration between teachers and the use of social media to share good practice. […]

Boarding Pass – @FernwoodDT⤴

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I saw this idea on Twitter originally and like most of our resources it was amended to our students. The concept is simple the ‘Boarding Pass’ is given to students as they enter the classroom and are instructed to fill in their name and ‘One fact from last lesson’ the teacher then goes through some […]

Teachmeets and Classhacks⤴

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Teachmeet WDC


Following the success and fun of last sessions two “teachmeets”, we will be running a series of events to support teacher sharing and creativity this year.

We will be holding two “teachmeets” and two “classhacks” this year. The dates are as follows:


  • Thursday 27th November 2014 at Clydebank High School (Conference Room) from 3.45pm until 5.15pm
  • Thursday 28th May 2015 at Dumbarton Academy (Conference Room) from 3.45pm until 5.15pm

Our “teachmeets” will be twilight events allowing teachers to share short presentations of ideas or approaches that have been interesting or successful. Teachers can undertake to do a 7 minute mini-presentation or a 2 minute micro-presentation for their colleagues. (Micro presentations are often used to share resources or quick ideas). The spirit of our “teachmeets” are very much sharing by teachers for teachers.


  • Thursday 22nd January 2015 at Dumbarton Academy (Conference Room) from 3.45pm until 5.15pm
  • Thursday 19th March 2015 at Clydebank High School (Conference Room) from 3.45pm until 5.15pm

Our “classhacks” will be a new kind of meeting. The same sticky buns and coffees as the teachmeets, but instead of a series of short presentations, we will choose a classroom challenge, such as redesigning homework for engagement, and roll up our sleeves using co-operative methodologies and produce some new ideas or approaches together. The spirit of these will be fun and creativity.

As before, teachers from other authorities are very welcome.

Sign up for these events using our wiki at:



Peer-to-peer ‘fear or hear’? by @TeacherToolkit⤴


I attended my first ever school TeachMeet last year and during and after the event, the experience posed many, many questions to me as a school CPD leader. “critical peer reviews [academic papers] clearly cross the line between a vigorous critique and an unprofessional attack.” Context: My definition of a ‘school TeachMeet’ is this: A … Continue reading


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It’s been a while coming but I’m in the proud position to announce that PedagooGlasgow is on. After some healthy consultation with the University of Strathclyde, we will be holding an event on Saturday June 14, in Glasgow. We are still fleshing out the details but the day will take a similar form to the […]

Teachmeet WDC⤴



Teachmeet WDCTeachmeet 2

Yesterday’s Teachmeet was a great success and inspiring to be a part of! Thirty-five of West Dunbartonshire’s most enthusiastic teachers got together for some networking and shared professional learning. (John Johnstone, our guest from Scottish Government, and educational podcaster who was at the first ever teachmeet calls it Guerrilla CPD!) Eight teachers gave really engaging and open 7-minute presentations about an aspect of their practice that they were proud of, or that they were developing. 5 teachers gave 2-minute micro presentations about resources or links that they have found useful. The variety of thinking and development in real teachers classrooms was simply brilliant.

The unanimous view of people leaving the event was that it had been inspiring. Lindsey and I were particularly delighted at the sharing of primary teachers and secondary teachers in the same event. You could see primary teachers making links as secondary colleagues described approaches to learner-led auditing of the most effective approaches in Chemistry; “my kids could use that” written all over their faces! As Primary colleagues shared the use of what can only be described as “a fluffy dice activity” to structure childrens’ approaches to reciprocal reading, a few secondary colleagues were seen animatedly looking at each other and exchanging aha’s! These are just illustrative of the spirit of the whole event.

Special thanks go to John Johnstone and Ian Stuart of Scottish Government who came from Edinburgh and who both kindly gave presentations. (Both Ian and John are champions for the next iteration of the national intranet, Glow+ as it is often called).


So our next Teachmeet will be Thursday the 24th April, at Dumbarton Academy. 4.00pm till 5.30. pm. (Coffee and cakes will be available for networking from 3.30pm). If you enjoyed this one, please come along and perhaps bring a friend! Teachers from elsewhere will be very welcome.

Sign up as before using http://teachmeetwdc.wikispaces.com/

We will add any links to resources from presenters as we receive them.

Barry Wright’s Higher English blog:





Teachmeet Strathclyde⤴


Teachmeet StrathclydeThis week I attended a “teachmeet” at Strathclyde Uni run by the B.Ed Primary student teachers’ CPD group. It was frankly inspiring, and it has spurred me into planning some new events for our own learning calendar. For anyone who is unfamiliar with the “teachmeet” movement, the format is that teachers sign up to do either a 7-minute presentation or a small 2-minute presentation on any teaching-related topic of their choice. The order of the presentations is randomised and the mood of the event is frankly more social than formal. The Strathclyde students had a theme around international learning and many of these amazing new teachers in the making gave accounts of visits to other countries to help their education systems on a voluntary basis; one young student told of helping to apply AifL principles to classes of 100 to 250 learners! Many of the accounts were simple sharing of resources that the students had found useful and wanted to share with others. I certainly wanted to nab the whole cast of presenters for teaching careers here in west Dunbartonshire, they were inspiring and their enthusiasm melt a cynic’s heart. Good luck to all of them with their careers!

I have been at a number of teachmeets, and they seem to be fundamentally fun, less-formal events that teachers love. Teachers of course run these events for themselves in as much as they choose the topics, and they choose who they want to connect with for sharing chats over coffee and cakes afterward. They always have a little flavour of teacher rebellion about them, (in a good, constructive way), and can be seen as the rock’n’roll of staff learning! There is an important challenge here for us; if teacher learning and professional update is increasingly being given back to staff in schools, then these more teacher-driven events could be ideal networking and inspiration for staff. So, (and I’m sure you can see where I’m heading here), let’s run some of our own. I have been talking to Lindsey in the professional learning team, and new colleague Andrew Brown, (Educational Development Manager who was at the first teachmeet ever!), and we are going to put a series of events in the diary starting in February and running throughout the school year. It would be great to see lots of our staff at these “teachmeets”.

More details soon…