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Episode 7 – Unlocking Leadership Potential⤴

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In this episode of EduBlether, we interview @joycematthews_ about Unlocking Leadership Potential. We also have our usual features: in the news, we recommend and inspired by. Please check out edublether.wordpress.com and rate us on iTunes.

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Osiris Educational⤴

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Osiris Educational are a professional learning body offering some fantastic ‘cutting edge’ programmes. Check them out here:


When I’m 66 by @TeacherToolkit⤴


“The purposes of a person’s heart are deep waters, but one who has insight draws them out.” says Eddie. (Proverbs 20, verse 5) Context: As part of our CPD and wellbeing programme, we conduct Exit Interviews to gauge the opinions of staff who are departing our school. I will be on the receiving end of … Continue reading

What would you do? #InTray by @TeacherToolkit⤴


This is an in-tray exercise for a potential leadership interview. What would you do? Now, from the outset I will state that I am no supporter of the in-tray exercise used for school interviews; for the simple reason that they seldom, provide any feedback for the candidate. I know this is a sweeping generlisation, but … Okumaya devam et

#BeyondLessonGrades by @TeacherToolkit and @LeadingLearner⤴


It may be that 2014 will be seen as a pivotal year in changing how we judge the quality of teaching.  The move from grading individual lessons to viewing teaching, students’ work and progress over time and in a more sophisticated way has only just begun.  If we are serious about having a world-class education … Okumaya devam et

Defunct? The role of observations at interview by @TeacherToolkit⤴


I have a bee in my bonnet and a professional-personal dilemma that I’d like to share with my readers. Context: *Disclaimer: This blog is not discussing job descriptions or candidate specifications. It is a challenge regarding the nature of one-off lesson observations used as part of the teacher-interview process for new appointments. It also makes … Okumaya devam et

The teacher-genetic-code by @TeacherToolkit⤴


Some time ago, I had an annual appraisal review meeting with my headteacher. Of course, I won’t blog the full details here, but I will share the following … Context: I am going to keep this blog very short and simple (*note to self), as what I say here will probably not apply to you … Okumaya devam et