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Sleep in the Park: 1000 Free School Tickets!⤴

from @ Education Scotland's Learning Blog

This year Social Bite are bringing together 9,000 people in Princes Street Gardens, on the 9th of December, for the world’s largest ever Sleep-Out to try and end homelessness in Scotland for good. Participants will be joined by some of the world’s biggest artists to sleep in the cold for one night.
We have invited some amazing musicians to “busk” stripped back acoustics sets including Liam Gallagher, Deacon Blue, Amy Macdonald and Frightened Rabbit. We also have Rob Brydon hosting the event, Sir Bob Geldof sleeping out and John Cleese has agreed to come and read a bedtime story!

The website is: https://www.sleepinthepark.co.uk/
You can see a little video about the event here:

 Sleep In The Park Launch Video.mp4

Please note:  This allocation is for young people 16 and over and they must be accompanied by an adult.

Opportunity for Your School

Ordinarily, in order to participate in the event people have to pay an initial donation of £50 and commit to raise at least £50 more. However, we have had a wealthy individual donate £50,000 to fund the participation of 1,000 School kids (aged 16 and over).

Therefore I am writing to see if you would like to take an allocation of free tickets for children over 16 at your school. The group would need to commit to raising a minimum of £50 or more per person in order to take part, but would not have to pay any initial £50 registration fee as this has been entirely funded. They would also have to be accompanied to the event by a teacher(s).

We are giving the school ticket allocations out on a first come first served basis and we expect the demand to be high and the 1,000 available to be taken quickly. Therefore could you let me know if you would like an allocation of tickets? If so please let me know the number of tickets you would like for your school?

Josh Littlejohn MBE

Social Bite


t: 0131 220 8206


Holy Mass at Carfin Grotto⤴

from @ Education Scotland's Learning Blog

Small - Holy Year of MercyJoin us live in Glow TV and follow Mass for the Holy Year of Mercy broadcast from the National Shrine dedicated to Our Lady at Carfin Grotto. In 2015 the Holy Father, Pope Francis, invited the Catholic Church across the world to celebrate a Jubilee Year dedicated to the loving mercy of God. The schools of the Diocese of Motherwell will mark this Holy Year of Mercy by gathering together at the National Shrine, dedicated to Our Lady, at Carfin Grotto to celebrate Holy Mass. Around 4000 pupils, teachers and chaplains will come together with Bishop Joseph Toal for this occasion.

Join us and follow the Mass live on Friday 26th August at 11.30am. Sign up – Holy Mass at Carfin Grotto.

If you unable to join us for the live event you can always catch up with the recording at another time – Glow TV’s Watch Again.

Labyrinths, Bubbles and Bells: PE, OL and RME/RERC⤴

from @ Education Scotland's Learning Blog

Small-  LabrythsJoin us on Thursday 29th October at 3.45pm to find out about an outdoor learning approach to RME/RERC that is completely interdisciplinary in the learning experience it provides in Nesting Primary in Shetland.

There they combine RME/RERC, PE and Maths to deliver an experience that is inclusive and acceptable to people of all faiths and none. Our labyrinth work is a metaphor for journey, pilgrimage which encourages mindfulness and activity beyond core PE. But most of all it is fun! You can introduce a labyrinth to your own learning community at little or no cost just chalk, bubbles and a quick raid of the music cupboard.

Before the event you may wish to view a short video about it – https://vimeo.com/142987402

Sign up and register now in Glow TV – Labyrinths, Bubbles and Bells: PE, OL and RME/RERC

If you unable to join us for the live event you can always catch up with the recording at another time – Glow TV’s Watch Again.