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The Magic-Weaving Business⤴

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Sir John Jones is the most inspirational speaker there is on the educational speaker circuit at the moment. He is funny, passionate and down to earth kind of guy. It was a joy to hear him speak and I would recommend you read his book.

Episode 8 – Scottish education’s PRD⤴

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In this episode, we carry out Scottish education’s PRD to analyse: what’s going well? What has been challenging? What are the next steps? And what support is needed in order to get there? We also have our usual features of #InTheNews #WeRecommend and #InspiredBy. We have been inspired by #PortyLF and @SirJJones #MagicWeavingBusiness and we recommend @Mattforde and @ThePoliticalParty podcast.

Listen here: https://soundcloud.com/edublether/episode-8-scottish-educations-prd

Episode 6 – Top tips for getting your next teaching job⤴

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Listen to Episode 6 – Getting your next teaching job

In this episode of EduBlether, we focus on getting your next teaching post.  @edublether provide you with top ten tips in getting your next teaching post.  We also have the usual features: in the news, we recommend and inspired by. Please check out edublether.wordpress.com and rate us on iTunes.

How do senior leaders ‘find’ work? by @TeacherToolkit⤴


If you follow me on Twitter and read my blog regularly, you will be fully aware of my #Find_TTkit_A_Job campaign from London to Scotland. What sparked me to write this post, was a tweet from @SteveThursbyMA on 8th September 2013 as a follow-up to an article I wrote and published in The Guardian over 2 … Continue reading »