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Musical Madness at Moulsford⤴

from @ The Pedagogy Princess

With over 75% of boys at Moulsford learning at least one musical instrument, 2 choirs (involving over 120 boys) and an orchestra it is needless to say that Moulsford Preparatory School is a fantastic place to go if you’re interested in music! Today was a fantastic (although slightly mad) day at the school as it […]


from @ Katie-Rebecca's ePortfolio

During our mathematics lectures we have been exploring the different words we use as mathematical language in the classroom. One way in which we use mathematical language on a daily basis is through reading picture books. To explain this further I have chosen to look at old time favourite, Winnie-the-Pooh by A.A.Milne. Filled with great […]

Do School Trips Educate Our Young?⤴

from @ Katie-Rebecca's ePortfolio

I’m fresh from a school trip today and as a student teacher on placement, I wanted to share my experience as to whether or not school trips are – in my opinion – educational. The school trip in question was at Dundee’s Discovery – the ship which took explorers to Antarctica over 100 years ago. […]

From Tudors to Tim Peake… and so much in between⤴

from @ Training to Teach

A common theme has started to occur throughout our ‘Teaching Across the Curriculum’ inputs; we need to work on expanding our own knowledge. Of course, this means that we must to continue with our academic reading; ploughing through the textbooks and journal articles, but it also means that we should be brushing up on  the vast […]

I’d better get out there and do it then!⤴

from @ Katie-Rebecca's ePortfolio

Geography in school was something that was never really covered – or at least not in my primary school. History was something covered well and to an extent mostly just about the local area – that was 60 miles away (if I did culloden once at school I did it a thousand times!). The most […]

Effectively Improving My Blog⤴

from @ Katie-Rebecca's ePortfolio

In today’s ePortfolio input we were all asked to look at some of our peers work, reflect on the way in which our peers are crafting their professional thoughts and to write about what they are getting from doing this and how others may benefit from reading their work. I have also chosen to share the posts in […]

Dancing Under the Sea⤴

from @ Katie-Rebecca's ePortfolio

I recently attended the only dance input I will be given at University until 3rd year. Anyone who knows me knows I’m not a dancer unless I am at a scottish ceilidh, playing just dance on the Nintendo Wii or it is a half hearted waltz after a glass of wine. The only dancing I […]

Maths, Anxiety, Stress and Me⤴

from @ Katie-Rebecca's ePortfolio

Maths, Anxiety and Stress. They all come hand in hand – or at least for me anyway. The ridiculous thing is though, I got an A in maths and as I keep getting told “if you got an A in maths then you should be confident!” Well read it and weep guys, I get stressed […]