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school closure work for Higher class⤴

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We’ve been looking at the photoelectric effect this week.  In this video, Professor Dave reviews some of the points we covered in class. Click on the picture below to download a simulation to investigate the effect of irradiance on frequency on photocurrent.  You’ll be prompted to install Java if you don’t have it already. Once ... Read moreschool closure work for Higher class

particle accelerators⤴

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An electric field can be used to accelerate charged particles. Conservation of energy tells us that work done by the electric field = change in the particle’s kinetic energy The speed of the particle can be determined if its charge and the accelerating voltage (potential difference) are known.  The notes attached to the end of this post ... Read more

quarks, leptons and antimatter⤴

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At the end of Our Dynamic Universe, we considered big things like stars, galaxies and the Universe itself.  Now the Particles and Waves unit brings us to particles so small we need groups of them just to make a single atom.  Is there a connection? Why do we study particles? from mr mackenzie on Vimeo.  The Standard Model An elementary ... Read more

refraction, critical angle and total internal reflection⤴

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We met refraction during the National 5 course.  At Higher level, we are interested in the relationship between the angles of incidence (θi) and refraction (θr).   Snell’s law tells us that Usually material 1 is air, and so .  This simplifies Snell’s law to where n is the absolute refractive index of material 2.  Since ... Read more


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red laser beam passing through a diffraction grating. image: en.academic.ru Diffraction is a test for wave behaviour.  When a ray of light passes through a diffraction grating, the energy of the incident beam is split into a series of interference fringes.  Constructive interference is occurring at each location where a fringe (or spot) is observed ... Read more

the photoelectric effect⤴

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We learned about the photoelectric effect this week.  This video has a similar demonstration to the gold leaf electroscope experiment I showed you in class and includes an explanation of the process. //www.youtube.com/watch?v=RR4T1IlM2Jw Click on the picture below to download the simulation we used to investigate the effect of irradiance on frequency on photocurrent.  You’ll be prompted ... Read more

introduction to particle physics⤴

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There’s a nice guide to particle physics on The Particle Adventure web site.  The site has it’s own free apps for android & apple devices that are worth installing.

Here’s Prof Cox with a two part summary of particle physics.


and a short video with just the quarks


The video below was made before the Higgs boson was confirmed, so please bear that in mind.  It’s still a nice video though.


Learn about the world’s largest neutrino detector in Antarctica.