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Bookmarked Re: Get direct download link of a file in OneDrive for Business (TECHCOMMUNITY.MICROSOFT.COM)
Use "Get link", then use "People with existing access" to get the direct link to the file. Then, the url will be direct path to https://org.sharepoint.com/personal/user_org/folder/filename.ext?d=oiuqjaweorihjlkj Now, just remove everything after the ? and put in download=1 and magic happens. https://org.sharepoint.com/personal/user_org/folder/filename.ext?download=1

This works fine with files in Glow OneDrive even for publicly shared files.

I’ve started to use it on my class blog to share files. Here is a simple example. A PowerPoint on my onedrive, publicly shared, the first link is the standard share link, the second has the download parameter.



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Office for iOS

The new Office app simplifies how you work on a phone by combining Word, Excel, and PowerPoint into one app and adds mobile-first features so you can get more done all from one app. This app maintains all the functionality of the existing Word, Excel, and PowerPoint mobile apps but requires far less phone storage than using three separate apps. New features leveraging the camera help you create content in uniquely mobile ways. Additionally, the app includes a new Actions tab so you can accomplish many common mobile tasks without needing to switch between apps.

Works with Glow’s O365 education accounts.

I don’t use office apps on my phone very often except for office lens.
This looks like an interesting development.
The quote above was grabbed with the Image to text function. This seems less powerful than Lens (no immersive reader) but allows you to copy text without a trip to OneDrive/Word which is handy. For my use, as opposed to pupil’s, it should be more useful.

Recommended Read: ChromeStead⤴

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ChromeStead is a really interesting blog from Guy Shearer who is head of IT and data at David Ross Eduction Trust, which I think is a private school.

From the title you would think it was all Google and chromebooks but the schools seems to use a mix of Google Apps, O365 and other products. This makes an enjoyable change from blogs from the PoV of one company supporter or another. The idea of using a mix is very appealing. The school has single sign on for both services, which I believe is possible using RM unify now.

Also from From a Glow perspective there are a lot of interesting posts about O365. Here is an example aside.

(I just wish someone at Microsoft could forget to invite the Sharepoint team to the next planning day so that they can come up with a Classroom competitor that works cleanly and simply like Sway).
ChromeStead: Sway: presentations reimagined, and some general thoughts on O365

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I tried this iPhone app out before the summer on the recommendation of Ian Stuart. At that time it was not integrated with O365/Glow and its main selling point seemed to be it took great pictures of whiteboards and straightened them up nicely.

Back then I gave it a try and it did that job, but not, IMO, as well as Scanner Pro. Scanner Pro is £2.99. (I like paying for apps, if you are not the customer…).

So last week when Ian mention that it was now integrated with O365 for business/school (ie Glow), I didn’t get that excited but I did download it. Not being at a conference or near a whiteboard I just did a quick scan of a newspaper and saw that it uploaded.

Earlier this week I tried again and the uploads failed. They failed every time, Wifi, faster Wifi, the train Wifi, 3G, 4G. I registered my disappointment and moved on.


I don’t think it is my connection speed

Yesterday when looking at Delve in Glow O365 I noticed the photo I’d uploaded had been OCRed automatically. This made me try again. Updated the app, tried and tried to get and upload, finally logged out of the app and logged in again. This worked. A lot of hassle but worth it.

Since then I’ve made a few tests and the results have been very good.

First I took a picture from the newspaper. Very poor light, multi-column, and 2 images breaking the columns.

Version 2

Took the picture, did a manual crop then Export to Word. It took a minute, first transferring…, then Processing… but when it finished the results were great!

This is a rerun in slightly better light.

This is a rerun in slightly better light.


Screen Shot 2015-10-29 at 17.24.32

Screenshot of Word docx

Here is the docx Office Lens, if you want a look.

Comparing with Google OCR

Before this I’ve used Google doc for OCR and though I’d do a comparison.

Using the Google Drive app I uploaded a photo of the same section of newspaper. I could not see how to preform OCR from my phone with the Drive or docs app. I switched to the desktop and opened the image in docs. The results were not as good.

Screen Shot 2015-10-29 at 17.32.39

And here is the doc as a download: Google doc OCR as a docx

I then decided to make it a bit simpler using a single column of text:



both Google and O365 handled the OCR fine. I did have to make sure I shot the Google image in landscape. Using the camera from the doc was a bit of a mess. Here are the results:

OfficeLens get drunkGoogle using Camera directlyGoogle Camera in Landscape.


Google with Landscape photo. Google Fail with portrait image Office Lens

I also use Scanner Pro which allows upload directly to Google Drive which smoothed the workflow considerably.

Problems repeating the process

In writing this post I repeated the Office Lens experience, and ran into the failed to upload problem again. This was fixed by logging out of the app and in again! The app then crashed on upload but worked on relaunch.

I hope that Microsoft can fix the logon problems because this is a pretty amazing application.

Delve in Glow 0365⤴

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Hot on the heels of Sway comes Delve. This is a sort of search engine come Pinterest for O365.

This post is just a quick note. I’ve only spent an hour or so last evening having a quick look at delve in the browser and iOS app.

I have been amazed by the results of searching. Who would have thought there were so many results for ‘voles’!

If you have a glow account it is worth heading over to O365 and opening delve from the waffle. Then just search for something.

Next step is to start a board. This is the Pinterest bit. The more folk that do this the more interesting it will get. Boards are not supported on the iOS app but appear in the works

I’ve not really spent that much time in the O365 bit of glow.  I have been fairly critical of sharepoint in the past but delve looks like it might be the most interesting part of the whole O365 setup.

More info on the Glow Help Wiki.

Sway in Glow⤴

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Sway has arrived for Glow users.

Sway allows you to

Create and share interactive reports, presentations, personal stories, and more.

I blogged a bit back in May.

Basically the app helps you present media online in a slick way. I’ve mostly looked at the iOS version. The different versions, Windows, web and iOS so far have different feature sets and a personal Microsoft account allows you do do slightly different things from a business/education account.

The app feels as if it is in pretty active development. Features that were coming soon in May are here.

What is particularly interesting, from my point of view, is that sways can be made public on the web and can be shared ready for remix.

This evening I used the iOS app on an iPad to build another sway (The featured image on this post is a screenshot of the borwser version of the sway, not the iPad view):

It didn’t take very long to add text and images. One difference I noticed was if I was signed into the app with a personal account I could upload video in iOS, I could not do this with my Glow account. Hopefully coming soon.

The browser app has a lot more options, including built in searches over flickr, youtube and other media sources.
Screen Shot 2015-10-26 at 21.29.19

It also looks like if you create or even edit a sway in the browser you cannot edit it afterwards on iOS (I might be wrong about this). I do not think either of these things are a great problem, we now know an iPad is a great content creation device and I would hope pupils would be using there camera and their own images for the most part on mobile.

Swaying in Public!

I’ve got the same feeling about the slickness of the creations as I had back in May, mostly about the ‘automatic creativity’ but the most exciting two things about Sway are public sharing and remixing.
Screen Shot 2015-10-26 at 21.19.24

Users have control over who the Sway is shared with and if they will allow their Sway to be duplicated by others.

Learning Opportunities

This is the first of the O365 services to allow public sharing which is very encouraging for those who see value on pupils sharing widely.  I also think that the ability to remix, change and improve someone else’s creation is a important skill.

There is obviously the opportunity to discuss aspects of publishing in public, Internet safety and copyright. The copyright issue is also nicely lead into by the browser version:


We want pupils (and teachers) to understand aspects of copyright and creative commons. Unfortunately the editor does not auto-add attribution but it can be copied and pasted in the browser.

Glow Blogs?

I can embed a sway in this blog using the embed code. Unfortunately this is via a iFrame. iFrames are not supported in Glow Blogs. I do hope we can develop oEmbed like functionality in the Blogs soon in the same way as we have for ClickView video.

It looks like Sway itself supports oEmbed of other content so I’d hope that oEmbed of sways is at least under consideration.

I’ve barely scratched the surface of Sway, and look forward to se how it is used in Glow.