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Episode 16 – An EduBlether with David Cameron⤴


In this wide ranging interview, David Cameron shares his thoughts, experiences and wisdom. An exhilarating interview.

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Episode 13 – Professional Learning⤴


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The Magic-Weaving Business⤴

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Sir John Jones is the most inspirational speaker there is on the educational speaker circuit at the moment. He is funny, passionate and down to earth kind of guy. It was a joy to hear him speak and I would recommend you read his book.

Episode 8 – Scottish education’s PRD⤴

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In this episode, we carry out Scottish education’s PRD to analyse: what’s going well? What has been challenging? What are the next steps? And what support is needed in order to get there? We also have our usual features of #InTheNews #WeRecommend and #InspiredBy. We have been inspired by #PortyLF and @SirJJones #MagicWeavingBusiness and we recommend @Mattforde and @ThePoliticalParty podcast.

Listen here: https://soundcloud.com/edublether/episode-8-scottish-educations-prd

Episode 7 – Unlocking Leadership Potential⤴

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In this episode of EduBlether, we interview @joycematthews_ about Unlocking Leadership Potential. We also have our usual features: in the news, we recommend and inspired by. Please check out edublether.wordpress.com and rate us on iTunes.

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The #UglyTruth revisited: Marking; monitoring and progress by @TeacherToolkit⤴


In this blog, I aim to show how a department can evolve throughout the academic year; given our recent focus on departmental and whole-school, book-monitoring. The evidence is clear … Teachers must mark books. Context: Back in December 2013, I wrote about #BookLooks and Mantras: The Ugly Truth; regarding what we have managed to achieve … Continue reading

#BookLooks and Mantras: The Ugly Truth by @TeacherToolkit⤴


I am writing to offer an update, regarding what we have managed to achieve this term and what impact this is having on raising standards of teaching and learning. In early September 2013, I wrote here about why we were “placing #LearningWalks in Room 101“. I wrote about many other things too, but I aim … Continue reading »

#Peepshows and #Rubbernecks by @TeacherToolkit⤴


Now that I have your attention; this post is all about marking; feedback; re-drafting and book scrutiny. Definitions: Peepshows = Observations; Learning Walks; Book Scrutiny; Faculty Reviews. Rubbernecks = Observers who twist one’s head; to stare at something in a foolish manner in order to find flaws. I recently published that, as a school; ‘Why … Continue reading »

Where I’ve failed as a teacher by @TeacherToolkit⤴


This post has been sparked off by Rachel Jones ‏@rlj1981 who blogged on the topic of ‘pontificating about pedagogy’ in July 2013. Her post headline, “Show me the money” was an excellent article; one I wholeheartedly agree with. As a result, I have decided to share her sentiments and elaborate on the mistakes ‘I have … Continue reading »