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Word Press for Weans 2018 #pressedconf18⤴

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This is a summary of my presentation for PressED – A WordPress and Education, Pedagogy and Research Conference on Twitter. I’ve pasted the text from the tweets, without the conference hash tags below.

I am @johnjohnston a primary school teacher in Scotland. I acted as ‘Product Owner’ for Glow Blogs from 2014 to 2016 & continue the role on a part time basis.

Glow is a service for to all schools & education establishments across Scotland.

Glow gives access to a number of different web services.

One of these services is Glow Blogs which runs on WordPress.

  • Glow Blogs consist of 33 multisites
  • Total number of blogs 219,834
  • Total number of views in February 2018 1,600,074
  • Number of blog users logging on in Feb 2018 243,199

All teachers and pupils in Scotland can have access to #GlowBlogs via a Single signon via RMUNIFY (shibboleth)



#GlowBlogs developed & maintained by Scottish Government considerable amount of work going into dev, testing, security and data protection. This differs from many edu #WordPress set ups as changes developed relatively slowly.

Major customisations include shibboleth signon, user roles & privacy. Teachers/Pupils have slightly different permissions.
Blogs can be public, private or “Glow Only”
There is also an e-Portfolio facility added via a plugin.


How the Blogs are used

Glow Blogs are currently used for School Websites, Class Blogs, Project Blogs, Trips, Libraries, eportfolios. Blogs By Learners, Blogs for Learners (Resources, revision ect), collaborations, aggregations.



ePortfolios supported by plugin, custom taxonomy. ‘Profiles’ print or export to PDF. Pupil portfolio blogs can have sparkly unicorns or black vampire styles but the profiles that come out look clean and neat.


Pupils can learn to be on the web but with <13 we have duty of care.
Pupils can create blogs. Cannot make blogs public.

A member of staff can make pupil’s blogs public. Pupils can be members of public blog and post publicly.



A collaboration https://blogs.glowscotland.org.uk/glowblogs/worldmustbecomingtoanend
Bees https://blogs.glowscotland.org.uk/nl/buzzingaboutbees/
A Blacksmith https://blogs.glowscotland.org.uk/st/scottishblacksmith
An aggregation https://blogs.glowscotland.org.uk/glowblogs/uodedushare
pupil projects: https://blogs.glowscotland.org.uk/ab/endeavour
more https://blogs.glowscotland.org.uk/glowblogs/glowingposts


Only scratched the surface of the potential of #WordPress the tools are in place, Scottish teachers and learners are exploring the possibilities but it is early days. We are tooled up for the future.




A Saturday in Tabs⤴

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The tabs left open from yesterday. The internet is a more fascinating place that I’ve got time for.

Worth mentioning that a lot of these links are coming from micro.blog as well as my RSS reader.

Life in Links 2-3-18⤴

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Some recent finds collected with pinboard

Featured images, a montage of gifs from skipi, which is stuttering away. For no particular reason.

Listening to Aaron’s microcast⤴

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Read Write Microcast #008 – Limits of Automation by Aaron DavisAaron Davis from collect.readwriterespond.com
Confident – the connecting of the dots and capitalising on different possibilities. Essential Elements of Digital Literacies In this microcast, I reflect on automating technology and wonder if there is a limit to how far we should go. Further reading: When Automation Goes Awry https://col...

The dilemma in supporting schools in using technology: Give out fish or teach to fish. Before I came back to school I was faced with this problem more than once.

What I would say now, in hindsight, is that if you make the solution yourself it adds risk. I thoroughly enjoy making simple scripts and workflows, but these are generally fragile. You might end up with more long term support than you thought, or worse raising and dashing expectations.

In my part-time life I am still supporting Glow Blogs. Quite often it would be easier to fix something in response to a request for help. More often now I try to write instructions instead. I can add these to the help and point the next problem a those.

I need to get back to microcasting. I enjoyed listen to this on my commute. The focus on one subject in the short form podcast is valuable.

Life in Links 28-01-2018⤴

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Featured image: a screenshot of the DarkSiteFinder.com map.

Gutenberg on iPad⤴

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I’ve been testing the new Gutenberg editor for WordPress a little. I just sent the url to this short video in the feedback form.

I am finding using the editor a little tricky on iOS. It is a lot better in portrait mode. I can see that many folk will like Gutenberg and it has some interesting features.

I really hope that the experience on iOS can get better before we get this in Glow Blogs. Just from a selfish point of view, my class use iPads to post to their e-portfolios. Having said that I alway get them to write in the Notes app first. Pasting multi-lne text in to Gutenberg seems to be handled nicely, the double/treble returns my pupil like to type gets stripped out sensibly.

Still on Safari⤴

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Unlike Safari’s ITP, however, Chrome’s adblocker has been created in partnership with the ad industry. The feature only blocks what the company calls “intrusive ads”, such as autoplaying video and audio, popovers which block content, or interstitial ads that take up the entire screen.

No tracking, no revenue: Apple’s privacy feature costs ad companies millions

The whole article is interesting. Especially the anger from the ad companies about Apple blocking tracking.

I’ve stuck with Safari as my main browser over the years. First because it was quick, then AppleScript. I got used to the developer tools, as a non-dev they seem the simplest. Next the integration with mobile Safari. Now it looks like there is another reason.

And if I do want to use a different browser I can open pages from Safari in another browser from the develop menu.

A year of micro.blog⤴

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Just over a year ago I saw read about the micro.blog kickstarter project, it seemed a no brainer to back. I got in early at number 51.

Since the launch (25-April-17) I’ve been using micro.blog I’ve made over 300 posts categorised as micro. It has made me think quite a bit about blogging and social media. It is certainly one of the bigger steps of this blog’s history 1.

I am beginning to feel real affection for the software/service that micro.blog is developing into. Here, in no particular order, are some reasons why:

  • The apps, for mac and iOS are so simple elegant and clean. Both are in very early version, but they are the fairly stripped down type of software I find enjoyable to use.
  • I don’t need to use the app, I can post content in all sorts of ways 2
  • The discourse on micro.blog is at a different pace than twitter, mostly more thoughtful, certainly less hypeful. I am reading things that are sometimes marginal to my interests and enjoying them.
  • The folk on micro.blog who produce the discourse.
  • If micro.blog suddenly goes away my content and conversations will not. I’ll lose the continuing discourse & software but I can go on posting my short form posts to my own blog. The posts I made and any conversation around them is still here.
  • Manton, I started listing to his timetable microcast when I signed up for the kickstarter. The pace micro.blog is developing is on one hand reasonably quickly but on the other hand it is incredibly thoughtful. He really does seem to care about principals as opposed to grabbing huge user numbers. On one podcast he describes working on the export that would allow hosted micro.blog users to leave the service. This as an early feature!
  • You can use the service for free. I pay for cross posting of my rss feed to twitter. That is $2 a month, the service is very neat, the tweets are sensible reflections of the post, but I also want to pay something to keep the service going.
  • For a variety of reasons I’ve not fully grasped I feel like I am becoming a little more thoughtful posting than I was on twitter. I’ve not stopped using twitter, but some short posts feel as if I should own them on my own blog. Not necessarily anything deep or important but owning some of these feels better.
  • Micro.blog photo blogging is weaning me away from instagram, I get a lot less engagement but I like it. I still like Instagram, but I’ve not posted in December yet, I have visited and like a pile of pictures. I wish Instagram would: 1. let me post here and then push out to Instagram, 2. see my friends posts without out algorithmic help.
  • I am learning a bit more about the indieweb and the workings of WordPress.
  • Learning and thinking about blogging, social media, both from the growing micro.blog community and by thinking my way through how I want my blog to work.

That final point is not finished by a long way. I still am puzzled about how webmentions and other indieweb technology I am using works in practise. I’ve not finalised how I want to present the different kinds of post here on the blog.

Some other posts about microbloggin

  1. These would would include: starting my own blog as part of my school’s site, joining twitter, moving to my own domain, changing from Pivotx to WordPress and micro.blog. Every part of the blog has changed except for the text of the posts, but I think of it as the same blog.↩
  2. I post, in no particular order, in WordPress, from TextMate, any text in any app on my mac via appleScript, from Drafts via Workflow on iOS and with the micro.blog applications. ↩

First Test of Happy Scribe @_getscribe⤴

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Happy Scribe @_getscribe

We provide you with an user friendly interface to transcribe your interviews from speech to text. Proudly made in Ireland by two students.

The prices are very reasonable, £0.09 per minute. 50p minimum charge. So I though it was worth a punt, I uploaded my most recent microcast:

And in a couple of minutes I got this back:

This is a make you cast by Duron Johnson. Podcasting history. According to Wikipedia podcasting fruits and audio blogging from way back when. The word seemed to be coined in 2004 at Thamer just published some audio recordings of rating classer. 10 year olds who produced Rosko website. Once I figured out podcasting wasn’t a fad with me the real podcast which ran for several years starting podcasting as a meeting developed was really useful. I think Falk’s still despite the best efforts find the concept of RSS difficult. When I started publishing podcasts. I ended up reading the RSS because some of it and rating our podcast RSS by hand. The web page that showed the pod cast was just a p p pedes that Parche the RSS. This way the episodes get back said forewards way of make a broadcast. Given a new Wortle in the West or PSP. It was quite surprising this worked. But it didn’t suit enshrouding they had a reasonable understanding who catching and RSS worked. One of the interesting things was at that point the school bought and I pored. Over we edited and recorded some of each episode we did on a Mac of the audio came from the iPod’s recording feature although the odd audio quality was a remember. 64 bit more. The interface was was really great. The click wheel thing. Really easygoing pupils to use compared to any other digital recorder issue apart on the market. And that kind of iceballs speaks to the way I am doing this no into my phone. Even though we had a podcast and Macs we used on audacity then to put the Pokus again and I’m still using that day for podcasting. But mostly these make CAS amusin workflow or at least no use in fitting a recording studio. To do a wee bit and the more editing. If any to. Most Borgman and the pod casting back in was with pupils but it did make a few pod cast myself when I thought I had something to see and later on about 2007. David Nobile and they started s l f talk. This was up open in the. Who was attending the Scottish festival podcast and folks submitted audio via email to Posterous or by tagging it in a Audioboo when it was imported Posterous and a couple other makers we had.

That. For me this was vs incoming. It was just really groovy. It became a no US show it turned into the age of talk which later became radio wages talk. This is a regular cast with different guests each week. Why broadcast the main podcast. The more microcaps recently have kind of been struggling a bit and organized in guess some dipping in the Skase rules. The habits are much better at keeping this going all the time but I do enjoy talking into a microphone so I’ve started this make it cast again it’s kind of ebb forward. This would be Episode 13 but I’ve decided to stop with the numbering. After listening to Chris Aldrich. And his Maker cast Gwennie suggests that. It’s very practical. To regimented.

But mainly that’s a tool for listening. So ever saw of beautifulness make a cast with a series of three point episodes. This is the third. That point can have lost a lot of momentum. As I’ve had a bit of a virus chest infection a few weeks so a wee bit stuffy but I’m really hoping to be more regular Castano most of my pade Carson has been around education and a tech I’ve occasionally wandered off into the long grass field recording towards couping or ear birds crooking are buskers.

Battling whatever sucky or street they mostly have stuck to the early and Norbert and workin. I think they’re going to probably a little more personal. We’ve a plan behind. Waiting a finished here and atry. I hope to take one or two lessons with me and hope you enjoyed this show.

It was presented in a nice editor so you can listen and edit easily before you download. The editor highlights the words as the audio plays, you can adjust the speed. It looks ease to use but I’ve not tried that yet. At first glance the site looks nicely designed and easy to use, I’ve managed this and the blog post is 10 minutes or so before school.

When I get a moment I am going to see how long the editing process takes. But the bell is going to ringing for the last day of term in two or three minutes.


Reading and loving: Micro.blog and Micro-Communities⤴

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But there is something about an informal collection of independent blogs by people with a shared passion that makes for a much better micro-community experience than social networks or other online group platforms. I’ve experienced this first-hand with a couple of blogging communities I’ve participated in: an informal network of blogs by adoptive parents and the pen and paper enthusiast blog community.

Micro.blog and Micro-Communities

I’ve had a huge amount of learning and pleasure out of both tightly bound and loose knit online communities. Doug’s post shows how of a network of Blogs owned by individuals can be better than a silo and points out the need for hashtags or other connective tissue.

Micro blogs with webmentions one part of improving the online conversation. A method or methods for discovery and group participation would be another.

I can’t recommend micro.blog enough. It has really helped me think about my online activity in many new ways. You can get involved for free and lose nothing by joining and playing.