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Fuji Festival – Calligraphy⤴

from @ Education Scotland's Learning Blog

What is Japanese calligraphy, what do you need to do it and how is it done? Discover the fun of writing in Japanese with Japanese teacher, Ms Emiko Abe plus staff from the Japanese Consulate and volunteers from Edinburgh University.

Ms Abe shows P3 students at Law Primary School that learners can practice Japanese calligraphy with basic materials found in every classroom.

Join us on Friday 10th March at 9.15am in Glow TV to find out more! Sign up to take part now – Fuji Festival – Calligraphy

If you unable to join us for the live event you can always catch up with the recording at another time – Glow TV’s Watch Again.

How to make paper resources digital using a mobile phone⤴


Schools are awash with paper. Booklets, worksheets, assessments, admin documents…the list goes on and on. Often a paper resource needs to be changed, or shared online but the original electronic version can’t be sourced. Here are 3 easy steps to convert a paper-based resource to a digital  document ready for editing and uploading.

1. Use your mobile to take a photograph of the document. It may seem obvious, but good lighting and a steady hand are important.

2. Upload the image to your DropBox folder. DropBox is available on Android and iPhone and should be installed on both your phone and computer.

3. Use a free online OCR reader. I find New OCR pretty reliable although there are plenty of others out there. Upload the image from your Dropbox folder on your computer to the OCR reader. It should only take a minute to be converted to text, and with New OCR it’s a simply a question of copying and pasting the content to your new document.